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  2. no rotary engine in a rx7 = fail.
  3. No brain in wOOt = fail

    Sorry that you think the sum total of the RX7's goodness comes from an overworked, unreliable, delicate engine that merely happens to combust petrolium in a slightly different fashion.
  4. Have any of you seen the video of the twin turbo LS1 in an RX7? I dont know where to find it.
  5. Always been my thought.
  6. I think this RX7 sounds better than any rotary RX7 I've heard.
  7. Cool and all, but LS1 RX-7s are getting intensely played out. There's people who come on the forums and say, "HEY CHECK OUT MY LS1 SWAP AIN'T IT COOL" and everyone reminds him that it's been done A LOT of times, and it's not a new conversion.
  8. I find it amusing how less than 25 examples of LS1 FDs is "intensely played out." Maybe 100 V8 RX7s in all. It's no more played out than stock Z06s are.

    How many do you see in one place on the street on any given day?
  9. That's because you don't know much about it. While it may be your opinion, it's based on some mistaken assumptions.
  10. Someone at my brother's school did that conversion all by himself with full suspension to match. I want one so badly.
  11. it's like putting a lamborghini motor in a ferrari. it's just wrong.
  12. The fact that everyone and their cousin crams an LS1 into anything vaguely resembling an automobile makes it played out.
  13. Well it DOES work really well in most cases, but I see what you're saying.
  14. There's no disputing that. It still isn't exactly the best match for a good number of the cars it goes in, but it's not like it makes them worse. Anyway, I'd love to see more variety when it comes to engine swaps.
  15. I know this doesnt have much to do with the topic at hand, but if I had 60k to blow on a modded car, it would for sure have to be an fd with a 20b in it.
    Sure its not "reliable" by todays standards, but who cares?
    650hp in a car that weighs 2600lb is not bad, especially with the near perfect weight destribution. Plus, clean rx-7s are still some the best looking cars out there.

  16. Nice sound and that driver was pretty good with it too. It isnt a drift car is it?
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    Yeah, its a drift car, heres the guys site:
  18. sweet i wana see that thing
  19. Why does it fail? Is it because the LS1 much more efficient, gets better mpg, has more power, is more reliable, has more potential, and is very easy engine to work on?

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