Luca's on a roll: Slams 'Tourist Tracks' in F1

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    Luca di Montezemolo has once again taken issue with the amount of "touristic tracks" which are popping up on the Formula One calendar.

    The Ferrari president was highly critical of the Singapore street circuit in the aftermath of F1's first-ever night race, saying the track would be better off "staging a circus". The other new street circuit on the 2008 calendar, Valencia, also didn't quite live up to expectations and was largely processional.

    Di Montezemolo believes "real tracks" should provide a lot more overtaking opportunities.

    "Having two or three Monte Carlos is too much," he said. "Next time we can race inside the Coliseum, or maybe inside the Papacy. This is not racing.

    "I don't think we need more boats, historic skylines. I think we need more race tracks where it's possible to overtake, where the public can enjoy the competition, not a place where a crash like (Nelson) Piquet had can destroy the whole race. One of the problems F1 is facing, is we need to improve competition, so that the racing is good not only when it rains or the Safety Car creates a situation.

    "If we look at the last 10 years we change many times the technical and sporting rules. Sometimes it's important to change, even if just to start the competition again from a blank page.

    "But it's like asking a football player to play in the rain with just training shoes, so he slips all over the course. It's artificial. I think we need the tech rules to improve he possibility to overtake.

    "New tracks with good opportunities for overtaking. Real tracks, not touristic tracks. At least Monte Carlo has history. Having two or three of them is too much."


    Go Luca! Bring back some tracks that are built for racing, not sponsorship opportunities.
  2. one thing we need to get rid of is stupid Herman Tilke tracks. he thinks that long straights and 1st gear hairpins create overtaking opportunities and "good racing"...they dont. On long straights, both cars are at full throttle with minimal lateral loading, so the driver has little to do.

    what the tracks need is long high speed, high G sectors like the downhill run of spa, or like dijon circuit (where the greatest duel ever took place). you get to see the cars at their best, and the winner is the one with the most committment. the act of overtaking is not nearly as exciting as the lap before where two cars are very close to each other, pushing the limit to overtake or avoid being overtaken.
  3. F1 is a circus and no sport anymore
  4. About time someone called a spade a spade! Go Luca!
  5. bravo, I love Montezemolo
  6. Next time we can race inside the Coliseum, or maybe inside the Papacy. This is not racing.

    #$%#in lol
  7. both of these ideas would save F1
  8. and that old sob should gtfo
  9. how?
  10. how wouldn't it?
  11. so you have a plan to make F1 awesome?
  12. That's easy give the teams the same freedom as they had in the 80's and let one car teams join F1.
  13. I really liked the Singapore track
  14. lol <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  16. except that your fat ass would not last one lap in a F1 car
  17. He should hire a hit man to kill Max and Bernie then take over the FIA
  18. without that tourist tracks like Singapore, Abu Dhabi/Dubai, Monaco, Valencia

    F1 already would be dedd
  19. we've been saying this for years. I figure about 2 bucks from every F1 fan would do it. cheaper if we can find a south american assassin that likes F1.
  20. what ? you better be trollin...
  21. AMEN! Bring back the V12!

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