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  1. Where is the love?
  3. why so many mc777 threads god dammit supercars
  4. Morally I think he is the worst member on this site
  5. he's rollin down the street, smokin indo, sippin on gin and juice.
  7. edit: the shittiest
  8. Unbanned 944turb0.

    Edit: never mind.
  9. Sit on your scanner.
  10. he's loved
    like robot jim
  11. he needs to stop closing threads that are about him.
  12. He's only closing the embarrassing ones, like the tsunami. Could dredge up the asses thread where he commented on a few ladies and then a few threads later admitted everyone's a constant sinner, including him.
  13. do it so i can bookmark it
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  15. I would not trust him to be in the care of children.
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  17. Luke why dont you answer my questions? why do you create alternate threads to mine, when my original ones will suffice? What happened to us?
  18. Remember even Luke can quote scripture for his own purpose
  19. That's a neat sign. Do you know where it is?
  20. Up your bum around the corner all the way to California.
  21. jesus wants to be my friend! and god attends chico state
  22. so now i understand youve seen and acknowledged this thread, but you dont respond to my questions?

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