Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. honk, i cant find your pic.

    i guess you lose.
  2. Meh.. I definately do more lurking than posting. :/
  3. Well look who it is.

    Gargantuan Goose.
  4. hes sexy isn't he?
  5. He's probably my favorite member.
  6. word.
  7. see
  8. I used to lurk almost exclusively, but now I'm in university.

    More work=more wasted time on SC.NET
  9. truer words were never spoken
  10. more than a bit creeped over here.
  11. more or less so then the the morning after feeling?
  12. The feeling of cum dripping from your anus must suck.
  13. I'd imagine so. that combined with the possibility of anal leakage must be traumatic.
  14. FORDFORD, where are you?
  15. You are not doing it right unless there is anal leakage.
  16. I lurk until I find a reason to post. For whatever reason I've felt like posting recently though. More so then I feel necessary too. I can't give you up so easily
  17. I know that, you know that, but we are talking about 996t here. I doubt he's done one thing right in his life. I bet smellens could even walk properly afterwards.
  18. Is this getting anyone else aroused besides me?
  19. if I hadn't already jerked off I'd be there.
  20. i have not knowing of who or what you are
  21. I have/am again. Maybe it's all these marshmallows I'm eating.
  22. no, when i am online i am constantly stealing information/pictures/videos/music while occasionally popping out of the man holes to say hello. its the best way to do it

  23. I'm old school my friend. Old school.
  24. Wow, lurkers are creepy, man.
  25. thats why they lurk!

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