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  1. you might have a lower post/day ratio than Engineer if that's true.
  2. its so good. i want the full picture.
  3. i dont know if i can be considered a lurker until more recently though. When I first made an account it was just because I discovered the car pictures section and all I did was log on every day to check out the car pics posted and steal some for wallpapers. For the last 6 months or so I have kept a pretty close eye on the general chat. I discovered the entertainment value
  4. i like it too.
  5. I'm starting to really think that fille is my girlfriend.
  6. I am mostly a lurker. I use to post a lot, but now it's just every now and then. Plus I suck at joining in the "sense of humor" on this site. I love reading all of the hilarious stuff, but I never really have anything good to add.
  7. name your top 5 GC happenings.
  8. i couldnt even do that, and i'm here often.
  9. I don't even know what my top 5 would be or if i can even pick out specific happenings. A lot of the threads about clever robot and big rob are usually good. IDK, i generally just like reading the threads about random questions people ask or ones with funny pictures and videos.
  10. It would be funny if there were people who came here just to read the lulz, and leave.

    Oh wait, 90% of GC posting members.
  11. lurking....lurking....lurrrrrkkkkkiiiinnngggg.
  12. When was it that the join dates got erased?

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