M-B, McLaren to build a 1000hp supercar?

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by FerrariAKL, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. As you know, its widely reported that McLaren and Mercedes-Benz are codeveloping a new car to target the F430, Gallardo, and the next Porsche Turbo. This mid-engine machine will have about 500hp, boast lightweight carbon-fiber construction, and cost around $180,000. However, what would come after that? Well, R&T as well as several other mags have spilled rumors that there are plans to build the be-all-and-end-all of supercars: a 1000hp scream machine to blow Bugatti, Ferrari, et.al. off the face of the Earth, sort of like a certain other McLaren product did back in 1994. This three-seat supercar would likely boast a turbocharged V12 motor and would be released sometime after the Chrysler ME412 (if that sees production). It would have lots of ME412-derived tech but would be even quicker (!). Could McLaren be planning a new F1?
  2. it would be expensive as #$%#
  3. The P8 or baby McLaren concept is dead as of right now. I wouldn't think they will be taking the next step to build a car described here either.

    I think Road&Track is suffering from the unfortunate reality of releasing three month old rumors as "News" even though the most recent reports state entirely the opposite of what they have reported.

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  5. I hope the rumors are true and that I come onto a lot of money when ordering time rolls around.
  6. I don't know why, but turbocharged V-12's pushing 1000bhp seems so well, fantasy-like (as in too out-of-control children's dreams) to me. Whereas NA V-12s pumping 500-600 horses seems so radical in itself, and portrays the image of raw power.

    I don't know, maybe I just have it in for turbos or superchargers.... they jus't don't seem to give that same image of simple, hard-drawn power.

    To me, a NA V-12 is like an expensive French Wine, extravagant, slow-setting, and exquisite whereas a supercharged or turbo-ed V-12 is more like a bottle of Bicardi, hits hard, gives you the thrills, but lacks the refinement.
  7. ok, you can buy a turbod v12 making 1,000hp, then take off the turbos and youll have your 600hp
  8. This car needs a BMW engine. But that is 100% impossible
  9. lol, I think i'd rather buy a car with that NA 600bhp (Enzo, CGT, etc.) rather than blow my cash on that 1000bhp monster and tune it down (that would be utter retardedness)
  10. Oh shite, I hope that's true. And lots and lots of torque, please!
  11. the best supercar ever will not be achevied with Mercedes involved
    it also will have to be a N/A engine, people will look down upon it if it has a turbo
  12. Fail
  13. sigh.. a "screamer" isnt an engine im expecting from mercedes.. im expecting a 7+ liter twin turbo fat assed lug.. the successor to the F1 should be naturally aspirated 6L v12 running in the 10K RPM range.. if that means having 800hp instead of 1000 or 450 ft lbs instead of 3240873094682390 so be it.
  14. yes.. you and me are probably on the same page about that.
  15. No, Mercedes make engines that sound better and have better torque figures instead..
  16. Didn't the Sl65's tranny have trouble handling all that monstrous torque? I wonder how they plan on stabalizing these new supercars pushing 4-figure BHP (same with ME412 how did they do it?)
  17. so is the dmaned thing on or off? One month its in development, the next its on indefinite hiatus, now I hear its been dropped. This is like the Veyron.
  18. It's going to have 3,450ft Ibs of torque.
  19. a new concept drawing appears in the new issue of r&t and it looks a whole lot more "productionlike" then the old p8 designs.
  20. You're so funny!!!
  21. so people look down on the f40 and the 959...they both had turbo and were the best supercars of their time...stop hating on mercedes...
  22. Who cares, I'll have an auto and be comfy anyway
  23. haha yeah something like 50 dollars.
  24. No, only people who spam frantically are funny.
  25. Making 4 figures horsepower is very easy nowadays (even a RB26 can do so), but making the supercar fun to drive is very hard to Mercedes Benz. (judged from the outcome of SLR)

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