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Discussion in '2002 BMW M3 CSL Concept' started by blaze4eva, Aug 26, 2002.

  1. you see i never got this. instead of doing the m3, why not start from the m COUPE, tune THAT for 350 horsepower, do some weight reduction on a much smaller, nimble car than do the same modifcations of the m3. while the M coupe has 315 base horsepower, it really should be 333, the only reason its at 315 is simply because of packaging requirements. so anyhow i think this would be much better.
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    I imagine that car would be pretty squirely for regular driving on streets with those mods. It would be fast as hell though.
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    Now this is definitely a good idea - M Coupe CSL. That would be one hell of a lot of fun. The rear end could end up being quite a handful though for inexperienced customers.
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    What would be even better is renaming the M3 CSL too 3.2 CSL "BATMOBILE 2" and paint it the orginal CSL colours, polaris silver. now that would be great.
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    It is an interesting idea. Problem is, the M Coupe has semi-trailing arm rear suspension, which dates back to BMW's of old. The technically superior M3 was a better starting point, and it has proved far more popular than the niche-market M Coupe.

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