M Coupe Vs. M3

Discussion in '2001 BMW M Coupe' started by GaNGsTaZo, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Can someone tell me overall which is the better car between spee and handling? BTW, I'm talking about 2002 cars.

    It says on BMW.com that the M3 is 4.8 seconds but what about the M Coupe?
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    M Coupe is also 4.8, as tested by C&D (December '01). Handling, M3 is said to exhibit better road manners, being not so ruffled by bad pavement. But the M Coupe's steering gets better reviews (M3's is less communicative, slightly overboosted and light). Overall, the M3 is "better" for most people, IMO. Enough seating for 4 people comfortably, 5 in a pinch, with performance almost on a 996 level for only $44-55K, and a decent level of luggage space too. What more could you want?
    Something more distinctive? More character? Something a bit more fun? I'd go with the M Coupe. Cheaper by about $5-10K, too.
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    From what I've seen, the M Coupe is actually a tiny bit slower than the M3 Coupe, but not so much that it is very noticable. The M3 has been described as "easier to drive fast than the M Coupe," but meanwhile, I understand that the M Coupe actually handles better for the experienced driver. The way I see it, I would think that the M Coupe provides a better overal driving experience.<!-- Signature -->
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    The M coupe looks better.<!-- Signature -->
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    Weird thing is this.

    I've seen stats of the 0-60mph for both cars from differnet places all over the place.

    An Evo magazine said that the M Coupe did it in 4.3 secs. (proven)
    I also heard somewhere else that it did it in 5.6 secs.
    From the BMW dealer I heard they are the same.

    For the M3, I saw 4.8 secs from an American magazine (car and driver I think) (proven)
    The BMW people at the Motor show said 5.2 secs. (proven)
    I saw a Motor magazine (Australian spec, same as USA spec) did it in 5 secs flat.

    I geuss it all depends on the driver, the spec (Euro, USA, so on...) and the oils and petrols you use.

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    Both cars did the N'ring in 8 minutes and 22 seconds, so basically the performance is exactly the same.

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    the M coupe has more presence
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    The M Coupe has a better power-to-weight ratio, it would also have better handling than the M3 but who would would choose a M coupe over a M3?
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    The M coupe is also has a gay restrictive intake and exhaust limiting horsepower under the M3. If the M coupe was 'allowed' to have the same spec engine as the M3 then i think that the M coupe would be a little more faster. But ultimately with cars this close it comes down to who's behind the wheel.
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    Their performance is pretty similar but, I'd rather take an M3 over an M coupe, the M3 just looks better.
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    I think the M-Coupe looks better than the M3. It doesn't have that generic BMW look of the 3-series cars.
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    I would actually take the M Coupe.
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    I'd take M3. I don't like how the M Coupe looks.
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    i'd take the M Coupe, more distinctive styling and more rare than the M3
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    i know this argument is gonna go on forever, but i'd take the m coupe. most mags say it's 'rawer' than the M3
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    every one has a diffrent opinon on what makes a great car, so everyone will feel difrently about which one is better, just to throw my .02 in id perfer the M3.
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    I think that performance wise they are the same as they are both powered by the same engine afterall,but on the otherside they say that more aerodynamic work was gone into the m3 and it has more grip to the road,which in other words means it has goo handling and a far greater stability at higher speeds,but don't get me wrong the bmw m coupe is very beautiful but the bmw m3 is also beautiful aswell(all bmw's are beautiful)but i would have to go with the bmw m3 considering it is a more stable car and it may look a little bit better than the m coupe!!!

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