M250 and it's U.S love affair

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    Bloody U.S..........we want our M250!!!!!
    I know Proton said the design wasn't radical enough but the fact is that Lotus have over stretched themselves with the 2nd generation Elise(best drivers car in the world-level with the Noble M12) and I really wish they hadn't taken up that contract to build the VX220(speedster) even though it's a good car it means we have to wait ages for the M250 and they should just give us(UK) the M250 just to satisfy our lust!
    And I really hope they don't go against all that is Lotus by designing the car for the U.S market(even though they need to enter this market to survive) as they will have to add an airbag, abs braking system and other safety equipment like side impact bars which aren't on any of the current lightweight cars and so it will make it a lot heavier and I feel this may soften the driving experience and so the Americans will not feel the real Lotus.....but then again all they get now is the Esprit which by Lotus' modern day standards is terrible!
    But as long as the M250 makes it into production then I'll be happy if it's looks anythin' like this.
    I really want Lotus back in the US......the Elise is arriving there soon aswell just like the brilliant TVR Tuscan.
    Another point is to those who always moan about top speed........those who know Lotus would understand that Lotus aren't bothered about that, they like to build the world's greatest driver's car(official now!) and so they need very little power due to their tiny weight.

    One last point............sod the U.S Lotus......give us the M250 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    Yea, i only wish that the US laws would let lotus slide on the airbag law. People who buy an Elise will see the point in not having one, and the ones who want an airbag wont drive around in a car with out any creature comforts (I know the Elise mk2 has floormats). But yea it was the contract to build the Vx220 and the launch of the mk 2 that screwed the M250 over, and may even end the Lotus car company (hope that is not true) Yea I cant wait for lotus to return full force into the US. One of my dads roomates in College had a europa (lucky bastard). I hope that Lotus will strike gold in the US (which i believe they will, look at the US car mag they constantly talk about the elise and possible coming to america)and then be able to return to top tier racing. Also the lotus chairman said in EVO and CAR that Lotus will also build a supercar (above the esprit and its replacement). But I had not heard alot about TVR coming to America, I heard they opening a plant in South America and they might come hear, but I only heard that once in a small blurb in Road and Track. I only hope i can come out of college and buy an Elise. I think it will fare well in a Chicago Winter.
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    I am happy to say that this car is back on. Lotus are going share the chassis with MG. They are both going to co-develope an engine for this car as well. If it is moded Rover K-series engine then there is a good chance that it will not come to the US.

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