M3 better or M5?

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  1. I think I was going to buy a M3, but someone say M5 is more faster then M3 can someone tell me more about M5?? Thank you!
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    also which one you can feel more "POWER" when you step hard one the gas pedal?? Thank you!
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    I would suggest going to your nearest BMW dealer, and getting the latest M-Cars Brochure. All technical information, performance figures specs etc.

    Also the only way too find out which is best is to drive them both. I mean are you honestly going to lay out a fair chunk of cash on something you aint driven? No words can describe driving the M5 or M3, so best way is to experience it yourself.

    I would also recommend going to http://www.bmw.com

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    Well it depends what type of car you want. Do you want something in a discuise(or how ever you spell it)?Or do you want to show that you have a sporty fast car??? Make sure that you know what you want. Also the M5 is 80k U.S.
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    <b>I think I was going to buy a M3, but someone say M5 is more faster then M3 can someone tell me more about M5?? Thank you!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    The M3 accelerates faster than the M5 but .1 seconds. I personally like the M3 better because of styling. But the M5 is more practical as it has 4 doors and a more spacious interior. The M5 is $20,000 more expensive. It all comes down on your preference of Aesthetics and your budget. They are both Awesome cars and you can't go wrong with either choice.<!-- Signature -->
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    m3 is a greta car, but bmw has had to recall countless m3's cause they just tried to get so much of that little engine.
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    M3 for the track and stuff. M5 for highspeed autobahn cruises.
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    I have heard that bmw has had to replace countless M3 engines b cause they tried to get too much out of the Inline 6. I would take the M5 over the M3; even though the M3 is a nice car, because of raw V8 power.
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    I've never heard of anything bad about the M3 engine. Could you give us a link or something? The M5 engine is a normally drinks about 1l of oil/1000km. But that's the way it was designed.
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    If it comes down to which car I'd rather have ultimately beyond the numbers, the M5 is obviously the better grand tourer/flagship car that still makes no appologies at the drag strip. An M3, while possessing identical qualities of luxury and performance, does so in a much sportier and compact fashion.
    I had the opportunity to work at the Austin area BMW dealership on quality control and drove an e46 black M3 10 miles up the highway on my first day! Yeah, it was exciting to me and still is today. The cool thing was this was back in June of 2001, which was right around the time, if not before, any of the first auto journals and magazines began to test this car. So, although I had heard the specs and rough character of the car, nothing prepared me for the experience of getting to wind one out for the first time. Having driven several e36 M3's, I was familiar with the torquey nature of the M-tuned 3.2L I6, and this latest one felt no different off the line as I put my foot into it. However, probably due to my excitement and tentativeness of driving this superb $50k automobile, I realized I only had the throttle at about 3/4 down. So, up to about 5,000 on the tach still in 1st gear around 25 mph, I punched it........WOW. The thing exploded into another power band with a seat of the pants unlike anything I had ever felt before. It wound up to 8,000 rpm before I knew what was going on. Needless to say, it's the best rush I've had in any car, including numerous other trips behind the wheel of the M5. So there in lies my conclusion: While spectacular in its on regard, the M5 is much more linear in its power delivery for building speed, but can't quite match the excitement of the M3's ferocious straight 6. I never thought I'd say that about a 6 cylinder over an 8, especially from BMW, but I was blown away. Hope all that recount offers some incite. Good luck. You'll be happy either way.
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    You would definately feel more power in the M5s V8 but they both are equally fast. Which ever one you want-2 door or 4 there both the same but you can get the M3 in vert and the M5 take much more gas cause its a very powerful V8
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    hey, i wish the guy would thank all the people for helping him out on his purchase (if he was telling the truth about being so rich). well thanks for some of the info, guys.
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    in this comparo biger is better.
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    The M3 is slower than the M5 and the M5 has more raw power than the M3. I do, however, love the looks of the M3. But all in all, Go with the M5, it kicks some serious ass and is roomy as can be. Who says a car has to be small to be sport? Pshshaw.
  15. I own a 2001 BMW M5 I have had 11 corvettes This Bmw is the finest car I have ever owned brute torque roomy and refined. There is a certan pleasure in spanking mustang Gts driving by pimply faced young kids, who by the untrained eye only sees a 4 dr grocery getter. I love the style of the M3s but love the 4 drs, the extra room also allows for another couple to ride with you just to hear them scream....Louvillbob

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