M3 CSL vs. Ferrari F355 f1

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  1. the ultimate matchup. while the m3 CSL might be a high thrumming derivative of the 3 series sedan, the engine and suspenion certainly prove itself. it has room for four people if i'm not mistaken equals the 1/4 mile and 0-60 times of both of these pure sports cars and runs slalom pretty quickly. both in my opinion embody the soul of a sports car.

    anyhow what do you think. the ferrari only has a 30 horsepower advantage (keep that in mind when you give you reason) both have smg trannies. so what do you think.

    i think it would be pretty even.
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    mmm... hard one, but if i had the money i'd take the f355 f1..
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    i'd take the m3 because it seats more people and with the money I'd save from not having to fix my ferrari I'd modify the shit out of the bimmer.
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    you have to be the out most FUCKIN RETARD to take the m3 csl over ANY and i do mean ANY ferrari... yeah performance wise they are close, but when someone comes up to you and asks what do you drive you say m3 they are like NICE CAR MAN... next case scenario someone comes up to you and asks what car do you drive, you say FERRARI mother#$%#er, they are like OH MY GOD CAN I PLEASE PLEASE [email protected]!!

    to sum it up ferrari will always be 20 knotches above BMW PERIOD
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    you are such a #$%#ing dork
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    i'm talking about performance perspecitve. true a ferrari does garner extreme respect, but i'm not talking about that. that was a rahter moronic statement. personally i think the m3 is one of the best buys around.
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    maybe it sounds stupid but i'd still take the ferrari, just for the looks. F355 F1 is one of the sexiest cars around for me.
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    Luxury= BMW M3 CSL
    Loook= Both are nice
    Performance= Ferrari F355
    Sound of the engine= Ferrari F355

    My choice Ferrari F355 F1
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    the m3 csl only seats maximum of two
    as much as i hate ferraris,
    as per choice of what looks better I'd pick the ferrari.
    Though I totally dig L6 engines.
    Really depends on what BMW says the final price of the CSL is.
    and basically the other factor is this.... talking to your buds, or neighbors, or trying to pick up a chick...
    what will give you a better reaction...:
    hey i drive a bmw csl? ... or?
    i drive a Ferrari?
    answer: Ferrari
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    If I had a money I'll take the 2 cars , becose I like the BMW but Ferrari az a legend.

    Air is free,get some!
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    Good comparison...if I had the money (and the money to run it!) I'd take the Ferrari, just to be able to say I drive a Ferrari...even though I hate agreeing with way2fast4you (learn to spell!)...
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    certainly the F355 F1
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    i susppected most people would take the ferrari f355f1 probably just for the looks, the name, and prestigge.

    but just goes to show you that this car (probably priced around 60 grand) is a very capable performer. normally people think of m3s as being well better than the 3 series and pretty fast. you think f355 and its really fast. come down to it this slightly tuned m3 CLS would equal or thrash its italian counterpart.
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    this car 60 grand? UHHHh no the price for this shit is well into 6 figures, and ofcourse you have to agree with me, ferrari is so far beyond BMW that its not even a fair comparison even though the #'s are close, oh and as far as spelling goes, as far as i know we are on an internet forum, not a spelling bee, however if you choose to challenge me to a spelling competition i welcome ANY challengers, bring it on mother#$%#ers...uneducated pricks
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    if this car is in the 6 figure range prove it.
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    The CSL is a lot more expensive than one would think, It's probably around 200,000.. based on the last CSL prices and the new add-ons.
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    thank you very much mickey... There is no official price tag on this one because it is still a concept, however 2 sources agree that this car will very likely be in the 6 figures, now if that is TRUE then bmw really made a big oopsy... I mean lets see 6 figures can buy you a lambo or a lil italian pony by the name of FERRARI assholes
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    I will take the M3 CSL because is a limited production car and the M3 will sure beat the 355 F1 in the track because the technology is already been about 5 years different
  20. Way2fast4You

    Way2fast, I suggest you tone down your language a notch. Maybe you can spell, but doesn't mean that you have to act like a brute.

    Just curious: Have you really been 130?

    Anyway, I would take the 355, but not eh F1. The stick shift.

    I've talked to too many people with 360s who say that the F1 shift is not a 'slick'-shift like the stick-shift is. That is, it's crappy around down, with clutch burning and foul-smelling up the cabin etc.

    Actually, I saw a 328GTB the other day. And it looked AMAZING> better than any new Ferrari, IMHO. Curvy.
    I've seen prices on them to be not more than $20K US, does anyone else know how much a 328 in decent condition costs?

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    yes ive been to over 130 for proof i took pictures when bastards in other forums didnt believe me. heres my NSX next to my house and me going about 135.
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    130 grand? shit

    anyhow you could take a standard m3 and modify it yourself for that much money. the standard m3 matches the f355 is terms of on paper performance so it doesn't really matter.
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    I definetly won't be that expensive. Where are you guys getting your info from? From an official BMW website, I found numbers that said it would only be like 7k more American. $130 000, no ones gonna buy that if they just go a little bit more and get the Strassenversion. And to all those people who say they would take the 355 because it performs better don't know how either cars perform. The regular 355 does the N'ring in 8 18, while the E46 M3 does it in just 8 22. The new CSL is rumored to do it low 8's high 7s.

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    F355i is da shit, you can't compare it to a 2002 concept,

    The expected price tag on the CSL will most likely not top 80,000USD.

    They can't sell an M3 thats not faster than the comming M5 for the same let alone more expensive price noone would BUY it!

    The M3 GTR is the 250,000 Race spec GTR class car, ALMS and such racing Gurus shop for from BMW.

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    What makes you think that the M5 will be faster than this? I highly doubt that the new one will be faster than Ferraris. Maybe the 355, but not the 360 and 550.


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