M3 CSL vs. Ferrari F355 f1

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    right. why the #$%# would BMW produce a car (which i heard this is NOT going to be produced), that costs more than the m5 and nears the cost of the m3 GTR? that makes zero sense.

    actually this car as i've read is merely to show the capabilities of the bmw m3. and the stock bmw m3 does like 8:30 something on nurburging, its about 5-7 seconds faster than the stock corvette (not z06) which runs a 8:44. i dont remmeber seeing the f355 posting a 8:18 at the track, i thought it was like 8:23 or something like that, but all is good.

    anyhow i started this forum just to show you that the m3 is a very capable car easily able to compete with other high priced cars as well so shit on whoever thinks the m3 isn't a good car.
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    The M3 runs 8:22, the 355 runs 8:18, the M5 runs 8:28, and I don't know what the Z06 runs, but it would be like 8:12 or something like that. This car is only supposed to cost like $65k American.

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    the corvette z06 has never been run on nurburging. the standard corvette has with a 8:44 time. basically it said after a few laps the tires got so hot/brakes became so hot that they were losing traction. they had to continue driving because the brakes were beginning to melt together as well. they said it was rather fast, but it was nearly as composed as the ferrari f355 that they drove. while the f355 they drove didnt' compare in lap times to the AC Schnitzer CLS II, they preferred the f355 because it was much more stable whilst the AC Schnitzer could easily be distinguished as a hot rodded model.
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    I think it would be a very tough call indeed to choose between the M3 CSL and the Ferrari F355. I think an even tougher decision would be between the current M5 and M3 CSL. I would definitely take the M5 over the normal E46 M3 - the M5 is one of the best cars I have ever driven. If I could get the M3 CSL in manual I think I would take it rather than the Ferrari, since I don't like the SMG II 'box. This CSL would run for more than 120K miles without hassle providing hours of sheer driving pleasure, and it is very exclusive. In the end though, I'd have to settle for the manual (not F1) version of the Ferrari though. I have always wanted a Ferris!
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    I take the CSL, it's a limited car and i think it's faster on the track than the 355, and even more faster than a 355F1 cause those flippers suck, SMG II much better..
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    Fore all of you that compare a real sport car like a Ferrari with this joke! Just go to this site and think twice! This "car" is blowing engines every 5000 10000 miles with out to race it or even go fast (America 80 90 mph max!!!) So please before to talk go to some mechanics that know what a real engine is and let him explaine wy this thing is so bad!!!!! My friend have replace an Engine at 22000km
    When he was running at 130kmh in the hiway and after the warranty was finish he had to replace the gearbox!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha this is just not even funny eny more.


    more then 90!!!!! bown engines and only for the ones that are posting and know of this site.
    I can tell you that there are many more around the world!!!
    About 46% of the entire production of m3 series are having this serius problems
    Buy Maserati Ferrari or porsche ..This are the only real sport cars!!
    And they do not blown engines after 6 month!
    Beside they handle much better for years.
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    very true statement, BMW recently has been having many problems in its M3. Reason why there is a planned revision in the upcoming years and probably around 2004-2006.
    and stats are actually calculated by JD powers/
    one reason why BMW is being dubbed unreliable by many.
    It's recent recalls on its 2002 model cars just destroyed the company's reputation.
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    well seeing they keep destroying there own sales records, there reputaion must not be in that bad of shape.
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    since when are Ferraris reliable? I've never talked to a ferrari owner who said "yea I have never had a problem with it", They all say "I don't drive it often because stuff keeps going wrong with the engine". Name one car company that hasn't had a major recall in recent times. There are none.

    Also how is 80 or 90mph the max speed an M3 would be driven in america? I know of several M3 owners just in my county who often take their cars to the track and race them, and I know all of them regularly drive them well up over 100mph in short bursts and in long runs. You have no idea what you are talking about do you?
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    Porsche recalls since 99
    911 67
    Boxter 119

    Jaguar Recalls since 99
    S-type 45
    XJR 44

    BMW recalls on M3
    total 50

    these are a combination of recalls and service alerts, they are all pretty much the same. And every manufacture has had engine failures.

    source Alldata.com

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    U.S. safety regulators examine BMW air bags

    Sept 3 -U.S. safety regulators have opened an investigation into about 204,000 cars made by BMW AG after reports of 41 injuries from side air bags deploying without a crash, a problem BMW has tried to address in two recalls.
    The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said on Tuesday it also had opened or broadened several other investigations involving possible safety problems with a variety of vehicles and tires.
    NHTSA said its investigation covers BMW 3-Series vehicles built between April 1999 and April 2001. It said its records and others from BMW show 265 complaints of side air bags that could go off if the vehicles were driven over potholes, curbs or other objects. BMW also reported 212 warranty claims for side air bags.
    NHTSA said the 41 injuries were mostly cuts and bruises. There have been no reports of deaths.
    The investigation by NHTSA was opened July 15. Last month BMW recalled 20,500 3-Series cars covered by the investigation to reprogram side air bag controllers. An earlier recall for the same problem involved 34,701 3-Series cars built between June 1998 and March 1999.
    At the time of the second recall, BMW spokesman Dave Buchko said he was unaware of any injury reports since the first recall. Buchko said on Tuesday he could not confirm NHTSA's tally of injury reports and declined to comment on what role NHTSA's investigation played in the second recall.
    BMW has recalled about 73,000 vehicles in the United States so far this year, slightly more than its total for all of 2001.

    Recalls (30/07/02)

    38,700 Mini's to be recalled.

    56,000 X5's recalled

    July 30 - German luxury carmaker BMW AG said on Tuesday it was recalling 38,700 new Mini models and 56,000 of its X5 sports utility vehicles from world markets at a cost of 6.3 million euros ($6.22 million).

    The company said it was investigating possible problems in the Mini linked to the cable connecting the shift lever to the transmission and loose brake pedals in the X5.

    Earlier, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said 3,531 Mini Coopers had been recalled from the U.S., equal to about half the number already sold there in addition to 34,860 X5s in the U.S.

    (we are talking about 50% of a model getting recalled, including the 3 series)
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    Jaguar Recalls Certain 2000-2001 S-Type Models
    Detroit, MI (SafetyAlerts) - The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has published a recall affecting the 2000 and 2001 S-Type Jaguar. The affected models were manufactured from July 1999 through August 2000.

    On certain passenger vehicles, the front suspension lower ball joints were not tightened to specifications when they were attached to the lower control arms. If the ball joint attaching nuts are not adequately tightened, they can loosen and, ultimately result in fracture of the ball joint stud. If the ball joint fractures, control of the vehicle could be affected, increasing the risk of a crash.

    38,681 automobiles are affected by this recall.

    Dealers will inspect the torque on the two ball joint attaching nuts. Vehicles with loose ball joint attaching nuts will either have the fasteners tightened to specification, or if necessary, the ball joints will be replaced.

    The manufacturer has reported that owner notification began Nov. 27, 2000. Owners who do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact Jaguar at 1-201-818-8500.

    [NHTSA Recall No. 00V359002, Mfg. #R136]

    Jaguar XK8 Sports Years: 1998-1999
    Jaguar XJV8 Years: 1998-1999

    Dates of Manufacture: August 1998 - March 1999
    Defect: On certain passenger cars, fine cracks in one or more of the gear teeth in the gear train, inside the automatic transmission gearbox, can result in breakage of the gear teeth. This can cause the transmission to "lock up" at speeds below 15 mph.
    Remedy: Dealers will replace the automatic transmission gear box. Owner notification was expected to begin during July 1999. Owners who do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact Jaguar at 1-201-818-8500.

    Sounds a little more serious than a loose pedal or shitty gear shift cable. Every manufacture has problems, BMW only recalls more cars because they make and sell more cars, so it is reletivly the same
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    OK I'm going to be a little disloyal to BMW for a change...after driving the Ferrari F355 Berlinetta F1 last Saturday I must confess that I like the Ferrari F1 paddle-shift much better than the M3 SMG2 counterpart. I simply love the Ferrari and would take it any day. I must add that the one I drove had a sports exhaust fitted and that just did it for me - the exhaust note was simply spectacular. No BMW will ever get close to a Ferrari exhaust note, although the inline 6 BMW sound is also very disinctive. I think I'll take the Ferrari over the CSL in the end, had I been given the choice.

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