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  1. Umm, wasn't that the 335i that went up against the S5?
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    the BMW M3, powered by the sporties V8 from Germany, slighty lays in front when compared to the Audi S5 even though it costs a few ten thousands of Euros more. It slighty beats the S5 in performance and is more a true supersports car than the Audi which is also pretty much impressive and giving a glimpse at Audi´s future. The av. drivers won´t feel the difference, it takes an experienced driver to take the M3 to its higher limits, it is the better track car but also enjoyful for the daily driver, you will buy and rive it with your heart, the S5 is more for the brain
  3. you're talking about the Fifth Gear video, we're talking about AMS magazine.

    (it was AMS, wasn't it?)

    edit: it wasn't: KRSONe1 1 - PandaBeat 0 <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  4. PandaBeat spontaneously combusts
  5. Sorry. That has no relevance to Paris Hilton. You watch to much tv.
  6. BMw is really starting to bring products to the market that where allready designed and produced by other companies, ohhh... and better
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    everybody has their own opinion as Top Gear mag rate the M3 slightly above the RS4. there wasn't much in it though

    The same goes for the C63. they didn't do a direct comparion with this test but they said the gearbox on the C63 just let it down ever so slightly
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    tnx, was def thinking about the fifth gear vid before.
  9. There was an E36 4 door M3 too...
  10. Flat, i said flat. Sorry you need to read properly. Aside from its flatness are its awkward taillights. What it shares with Hilton is flatness.
  11. There was...
  12. Well out of your post I thought you ment BMW was just trying to copy Audi and AMG, which they aren't.
  13. Well, M3 Touring and M5 Touring.
  14. I read proper.
  15. There was an E34 M5 Touring as well.

    And who gives a shit? It's not like one of the companies are better than the other two because they're not copying others. The car industry is all about adapting other people's ideas into something in your own car and then passing it off as your own. Don't even pretend otherwise.
  16. MB AMG spokesperson: "oh I see they've started using V8s too"
  17. not very impressive. it does beat Lexus.
  18. Yes? So what?
  19. next move, M5 will then use Forced induction to compete with AMG
  20. Its already being engineered....
  21. This post is 9 years too late
  22. Er, no?

    What makes you think that?
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