M3 much better

Discussion in '2001 Maserati 3200GT Assetto Corsa' started by LUISM3, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. The bmw is able to kick his ass.<!-- Signature -->
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    HEy man you don't know shit about cars. This is nothing like a M3!

    So wake up!<!-- Signature -->
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    How can you compare a 3200 with an M3? They're nothng alike. It's like comparing a Rolls with a Ferrari.<!-- Signature -->
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    its just it doesnt so anything for me, maseratis are nice, but id rahter have a porsche and no that is apples to apples
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    How you can put a car for the "Flock" like the bmw series 3 with a superior class and much better looking and better performing super car like the Masa! In 10 years the m3 will be an annoyng and old car used by gipsy and red nek. The maserati will still look a great car. A classic!!This is the difference! Beside tha fact that it is a better sport car.
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    BMW's just suck, thats it.<!-- Signature -->
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    The M3 is not better... I love the M3 but its not better than the 3200GT...<!-- Signature -->
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    M3, Z06, and for importers the Supras are like god given cars. Everyone thinks because they give bang for the buck they r the best cars around. they give this for a reason, because in doing this they have to sacrfice in other areas. Every1 either compares a car to a zo6 or an m3, they r nice cars but nowhere near this!
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    I just have to inform you that BMW just sucks!!! they blown engines like no others!And not only engines but gear box to!! What is amazing is that are new and i again say, NEW car!
    Check this out and buy a Maserati wich is much much better!!!
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    man, you are wr0ng, BMW's don't suck, they are very nice cars, but thsi is was just a bad comparison, and 3200gt is deff better that M3
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    You don't know what you're talking about. These are two totally different cars!

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