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Discussion in '2001 BMW M3' started by Mtrlguy, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. pretty powerful car huh?????

    i suggest a look at the north american threat.....

    no, not the corvette,

    not even a camaro....


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    Well gee....I just looked at the G8....looks a little weak. 0-60 is 5.5? Even the misprinted 0-60 time of the M3 is quicker.
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    shpontiac, u absolute #%$got.
    grow a dick.
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    The M3 would smoke the Grand Prix G8, if the figures given for it on this site are correct...a car that goes 0-60 in 5.5 seconds will not hold a candle to the M3. Besides, the Grand Prix G8 looks obnoxious.....Pontiac needs some desperate help with styling their cars. They are all overstyled and plasticky.<!-- Signature -->
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    Oh geez. Heres some advice. Dont try it because the embarassment would be unbearable. Pontiacs are junk who want a piece of the BMW iceberg.
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    hahahaha....he's joking or he's drunk....right?
    Someone tell me he's drunk. Please. No one could be that big a simpleton.<!-- Signature -->
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    not only is the g8 slower than the new m3, it is also only 2 tenths of a second faster than the last generation m3 which was released over 5 years ago. ontop of that, the g8 has little chance of even ever making it to the marketplace.So what are the chances that the G8 will grace the lot of a Pontiac dealer near you someday? Not good in our best estimation. here is a piece from an article.

    "Although the parts are there, it's doubtful that Pontiac will devote any additional resources toward a car that is set for a complete redesign in 2003. With enough positive feedback on the G8, however, Pontiac might be persuaded to devote more time to developing a similar car based on the new platform.

    So if you drooled over the G8 as much as we did, take the time to let Pontiac know at their "

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    Your a moron for posting it, that's all I'm gonna say.

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