M3 to M4??

Discussion in '2001 BMW M3' started by nissanZboy, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. The next M3 may be called an M4, th e3 series coupe is set to adopt new 4 series badging, so the M3 could have a name change to M4.

    on the other hand the 2007 M3 is still tossing up whether or not it will be a V8 or still an inline 6. The V8 engine should be a 4.0 - 4.4 litre with about a 9000rpm redline. Power should be around 320kW (approx 440bhp)
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    I sure hope youre wrong about BMW putting in a V8 in the future. I hate big engines.... only to show up those other V8, V12 engine cars that all you need is an I-6...... lets not forget about fuel economy.
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    i havent heard anything about that but if the coupe gets the name the M3 will too
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    Found this frm autocar
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    the inline 6 is already awesome..... why need a v8 when BMW has an awesome 6
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    Because a V8 is awesomer.
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    M3 will be the sedan version
    M4 will be the coupe version
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    a V8 is heavier. and may not necessarily improve performance.
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    V8=torque I6=whiny little thing built for lightness and speed.... I-6 is what makes the M3 an M3, and V8 is what gives the M5 a unique speed and sound. I'd say leave the I-6 in the M3 or M4... leaves price lower for the people who cant afford M5s

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