M3 vs NSX ???

Discussion in '2001 BMW M3' started by Marky678, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. Which one is better or fester??
    Is it worth it to buy an $90,000 NSX??
    I really like the new M3 but i like NSX too...so i am deciding either M3 or NSX. Can u guys give some opions?? Thanks
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    NSX = $90,000
    M3 = $60,000

    i'd say the M3 if you want a daily driver
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    i like the M3 but i love japanese sports cars...so id take the NSX!
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    Take the M3, trust me. Not only is the M3 a better car, it would work better AS a car. And it performs VERY nicely, looks sharp, and has quality. M3 all the way *nods*
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    Take the M3, NSX is cool, but you can use an M3 everyday.
    I have a Carbonscwarz M3 and it's the nicest car I've ever driven.
    But take the 6 speed manual instead of the SMG II, that's much more fun.
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    well how can u ever think to have an nsx over a m3. m3 are one of the best sports cars in the world becuase it has the best looks, awesome power not be be messed with and luxury plus you could fit 4 passengers as a bonus.
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    honestly, go for either, they're both great cars, I like 'em both, but if I had the choice, I'd probably take a NSX, don't ask me why, I seen an NSX one time and I was drooling, but go with whatever you want the most
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    I'd take the M3. After all, you can use it every day, not just on the racetrack. i also think that the nsx looks stupid!
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    Do you know anything about cars?
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    ay, mercielago. i'll trade cars with you.. lol
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    They are both great cars, but completely different cars. The M3 is a sports sedan, not a sports car. It tries to but will not handle like a sports car. IF you want the fun to drive factor every single day and you are gonna turn hard and all that, get an NSX. IF you want a car that you can mash the peddle down and go, and thats it, and aside from that you like a comfortable, quiet ride, I'd probably say M3 is where you wanna be. But don't forget, the NSX rocks, and 0-60 doesn't mean everything
    Hey did any of you see the articles about the SMG shifting? Every article I've read disliked it. In European Car magazine, the reporter said that unless you shift while at full throttle, its really jerky and misses the target RPM by 500-1000 on a down shift, which jerks a lot. They recommended sticking with the 6 speed. Just curious if anything else was heard about it.
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    M3 is cheaper, and faster than the NSX, and it holds more people and cargo.

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    I'd take the M3. Not because it seats more and it's more practical but because it's and original car unlike the NSX which is a copy of a Ferrari (it looks vaguely like a 308). Besides who wouldn't want a solidly built car with a nice interior like a BMW where the NSX has all sorts of imperfections and a typically boring Japanese interior?
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    The NSX has been acclaimed as having one of the best interiors of any car in the world.
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    The fastest car : NSX for sure.
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    Are you an idiot? The M3 has proven to be one of the greatest handlers and track cars. It has a skidpad of 0.9 g's and does the slalom in spectacular fashion. Couple those with good braking and you have a great track car. The NSX is also a beautiful car.
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    To the ***** that post ".....well how can u ever think to have an nsx over a m3. m3 are one of the best sports cars in the world becuase it has the best looks, awesome power not be be messed with and luxury plus you could fit 4 passengers as a bonus...."

    BMW = Best look my arse, so you haven't seen a Ferrari or a Lambo before *****? The BMW M3 is certainly a nice car, but its being the best look ? far from it ***** + looks is subjective #%$.

    Personally I'll take the NSX, it look much more sportier. But with less cash I'll take the M3 anyday !
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    M3 all the way
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    M3 all the way
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    Who ever thinks that a m3 is faster than a nsx needs to catch a wake up, the nsx beats m3,f355,nissan type r and carrera 4 to the line, and kills them on the track aswell.day to day driving in a honda is a dream and you can throw it around a corner aswell, the road handling is amazing.
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    since when is driving in a civic a dream?
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    And, go away, you're stupid.

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    m3 does 0-100 km/h in 5.78 secs, the NSX in 6.04, according to Motor magazine in Australia, so the Bimmer is slightly faster.

    The NSX also has an awful interior, compared to the Bimmer's beautiful one, and the M3 is more practicle, and lets face it, its better to slam down a BMW key on the bar than a Honda one.

    In terms of performance, Skyline GTR eats either.
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    Um either cars would be very nice to own and it is a hard couse\. It is intirly up to what you prefer in a car and there are major compramises whatever way you chose to go. If i wanted a stylish comfortable ride with performanece the bimmer is the way to go but with an nsx the name isnt quite as nice i mean ask any dumb arse weather he would rather a honda or a BMW only a guess but i think the BMW will get more votes althugh i think that the nsx looks faster and posibly is.

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