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  1. i have seen countless comparos between the BMW M3 and the Z06, now with the GTO, GM has something in the same class to throw at the M3, granted to will be torn up and thrown out, but now they have something in the same class.
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    gm has had this for a while, its only now the americans get it. and there is a better version to but you wont be getting that
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    I'd like to see this on a track against an M3. Hope road and track or top gear or someone compares them.. it would be interesting.
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    M3 would totally own this, it is in a higher league. end off story.
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    in this months motor magazine the hsv gts coupe (basically a 300kw version of this) beat the m3 on a tight wakefield track where it couldnt really put its 300kw to proper use.
    the time were: BMW M3 HSV GTS
    0-100kmh 5.38 5.29
    1/4mile 13.59 13.55
    wakefield top speed(kmh) 178.3 180.8
    wakefield lap time 1:12s 1:11.81

    so it was faster in every way
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    the M3 get to 100kmh in 4.8 thats a pretty sucky driver, plus this wheighs so much more that it wouldnt stand a chace around a track, the M3 was called the best handling car in any price catagoy.
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    Say what? What...did they have a special olympian driving the M3? My Grandma could take the M3 to 100km/h in under 5 seconds. The M3 is a World-class performance car, this is a family car with a big engine. No contest.
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    in australia test times are done with half a tank of fuel and another person in the car so that reduces the times. and i find it hard to believe a car with only 260something kw can do 1-100 in much under 5 seconds
    the gts is more than a family car with a big engine, the suspension is very stiff, it has racing brakes and 19" wheels. a family car with just a big engine would not be as fast as this which explains why it was faster round the track than the m3
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    Everybody seems to be overlooking one majoy thing here... they are in a different class... lets look at the fact that the M3 is in a luxury Sports Car class, where as the new GTO is in a pony car class... then lets look at the price difference... if you where to take this car... and put in enough money to equal what the M3 costs... the M3 wouldn't be able to even see it's brake lights after about ten seconds... not to mention.. this is the first year release in the hands of American designers.. the M3 has been in the mix, and been being fine tuned for quite a while.
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    your right about putting the extra money into it, you could easily have over 400kw if you did that and goodbye m3.

    All the american designers did to this car was make it uglier, they had no input into the actual make up of the car
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    That isn't true... first of all I like the new look, second of all, the motor and transmission are american... we just took your body... I am a bit dissapointed that they didn't make thier own... but you did such a good job I can understand thier choice.
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    it doesnt matter where the engine came from. in australia you can get this eging to have almost 300rwkw for around $5000. ive seen some with well over 500kw
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    your right about putting the extra money into it, you could easily have over 400kw if you did that and goodbye m3.

    BS then the M3 will still own this around track .
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    it barely even does that stock. if we talk about teh gts then the m3 is slower
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    From what I understand the LS1 is made in St. Catherines ON CANADA. shipped to Bowling Green Mich. And finished as LS6. I know for sure the LS1 is made in Canada I doubt they make them in 2 locations. Canadian/Australian muscle how fitting. Gotta love those Aussie's.
    Nice car,Good on ya. Hey the f-body's were made in Canada so who cares were the GOAT is made0. Screw BMW overpriced yuppie garbage.

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