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Discussion in '2001 BMW M5' started by JTR, Aug 9, 2002.

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    M5 huh?? Yeah it is a very sweet car that has plenty of power, torque and all that comes with that. But Audi decided to built something better than the S8. And what could be better than the S8? yeah, you know it...the RS8. Now you are gonna tell me that the R only goes with 3, 4 and 6. And that is were you are wrong! For the next generation of the 8, Audi has developped an RS8.
    If you are tired of the M5, or if your E55 AMG is too "soft" for you, you got the ultimate sedan here. V8, 4.5l, twinturbo and 500Hp.
    OK i just thought you guys might now that S8, M5, and E55 will be soon "old" cars because here comes the RS8...
    have a nice day.
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    wow thats funny man..i love when people post joke replies...My M5 will tear any s8 a new asshole. Without a doubt. If anyone wants to see pics of my car, reply to this and ill post some..<!-- Signature -->
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    Yes the S8 is a nice car but you cant agure the M5 it is the epitome
    of sport sedan it has power, stile, NAME PLATE, and luxury.
    no one on this planet in there right mind can call the S8 better
    there is not a better sports sedan on the market.
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    S8 is a nice car but the M5 would take it for me. But M5 as the best out there? Nothing can beat the Bentley.

    And don't tell me it's slow! Arnage T 0-60 5.4 sec 170MPH it's faster than this car! Plus Im sure it's nicer to sit in.

    NOTHING BEATS THE BENTLEY!!!!!!!! (unless you bring bang for the Buck).

    I say whithin 6 years Cadillac will have something to say about ultimate sports sedan. Laugh now, but I'll bet the next Gen STS will be a real force. I'll bet not as good cornering wise but accel and 1/4 mile and top speed and features and anemities. <!-- Signature -->
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    I would take the M5. It is superior performance-wise in every way and looks better on top of that. But honestly these two cars are not in the same class. The S8 is a high-performance ultraluxury car that competes with cars like the Bentley Arnage T and the Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG. The M5 is the ultimate sports sedan, and competes with midsize sedans like the E55 AMG, the S6, and the upcoming Jaguar S-Type R.<!-- Signature -->

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