M6 walks all over C6 Z06

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  2. mm-hmm...
  3. Hot M6 ...

    how much heavier is the m6 ...
  4. Why should anyone care if a modded car beats an unmodded car? In a drag race no less.
  5. notice the roof stayed on until 180...
  6. didn't seem very modified
  7. M6 has Carbon air filters removed, K & N stock filter replacement, Supersprint Headers, Supersprint Cats, Superprint X-Pipe w/ SS Resonator, Supersprint Sport Mufflers, AA Cam ECU Tune, 3.91 Dinan Differential, Schrick Kelleners cams, Evosport Pulley.

    You decide if thats modified or not.
  8. 480 whp M6 vs 440 whp Z06

  9. for as heavily modified as the M6 was, it was still pretty damn close up to 5th gear.
  10. then destroyed.......fcuk usa
  12. good point. =] I'm gonna give the win to the SMGIII. Aparently it's a glorious gearbox for spirited driving.

    edit: after seeing the video now, I guess I'm not the only one who thinks so =]
  13. Shoulda been powershifting in the vette
  15. vette seemed stock
  16. powershifting won't change your car's gear ratios. Sixth gear in a Corvette is high-lariously tall, hence the rape.
  17. 1785kg/3935lbs M6 vs 1420kg/3130lbs Z06

    Seems like an even/fair fight.
  18. Gearing is the diffrence there. Nonetheless throw on some LG longtubes and x5(600+whp) cams on the vette and romp all over the m6 modified or not.
  19. 480 hp M6? Downtuned or what?
  20. 480 WHP(wheel horse power) Thats almost 540-550 hp at the crank.
  21. if the bmw was modded, i don't think it was modded that much...

    it is just a little heavier, same power, less torque, better technology than a crappy vette
  22. #$%# cam, headers, full exhaust, and a tune and thats all that BMW could pull. I'd say BMWs flagship performance model should be able to pull on our POS fiberglass, glued together car with a truck engine easy stock, let alone with a bunch of money dumped into it =)
  23. if there was a truck with a LS7 that would be pretty bad ass.
  24. escalade nigggggga
  25. 800lbs isn't a "little heavier"

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