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    The only way an S2000 would win would be on a track or from a stand still. I like the S2000 for its looks and its handling. But that 2L engine is junk. Ok it can rev high and get good hp out of a small engine. But at speed the Mach 1 has loads of torque. It has more usable power. With the S200 you have to shift down to get the revs up to get the power.
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    anyone knows about the special version (or more likley the modifyed one) with the 10 l v8 engine with 800 hp?
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    The Mach 1 has to be the fastest car under 30,000. I only wish it had more low RPM pull and torque
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    In 1967. Stop living in the past. Alright you won. YaHY! What has ford done at LeMans since then?[Not that the Gt40 is bad[It's awesome]!!
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    you forgeting ford racing has a big influance in both aston marton and jaguar's racing programs.
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    And to add to it, the comaprison between an Lancer and a Mustang is retarded. You cannot compare apples to oranges. The Lancer is a WRC oriented rally car and the Mustang is a traditional American V8 prostreet car. Although I ask, and yes this is off topic, why won't Ford put the 5.4L V8 in the Cobra? I mean supercharging is fine but that's generally an aftermarket product. Besides, muscle cars are supposed to have the power come naturally and not through means of forced air compression. They have the engines, the engineering might, I do not know why they do not. I think a Cobra would run better with the 5.4L but that's my opinion. I mean, if the SVT Lightenning can get it, why not the Cobra? Anyway, I'd love to own a Mach 1. It is nice looking and fast for the price and the fact that the scoop works is worth the price a lone.
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    the stats are wrong anyways, in road and tracks 2004 sports and gt cars magazine it has 310 bhp and 335 ft-lb of torque, which would make it faster 60 time at 5.2, and quarter mile 12.2, with only 281 cubic inches.
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    you mean 13.2 right?
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    what's wrong with supercars?
    almost everyone and their dog almost knows the performance stats on this car and have for some time now. So why aren't they on supercars site?
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    Yeah, I have a friend who is wanting to sell his Mach 1, and I am considering getting it. I haven't ridden in it, but I have ridden in a GT. For some reason I wasn't all that impressed. The GT I rode in (not sure what year but it was right off the lot) had 260. My mom has an Infiniti G35 Coupe which has 280 horsepower. Perhaps thats why the "muscle" of the GT wasn't that impressive to me. However, that extra 40-45 on the Mach 1 intrigues me. And on another note...I really don't get this rivalry between "american muscle" and "r!ce". You put a turbo charger and intercooler on an Acura RSX Type S and its gonna smoke the GT. Or put a spoon engine in a Civic? Im not saying r!ce will always win, but I HAVE seen it plenty of times to believe that either one has the potential to win. I will give american stuff this though, from the factory they are more powerful most of the time. But I kinda like the whole customizing thing. So I guess that doesn't bother me...

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    As Of all of you prolly know the mustang will changed foe 2005. Finally gettin rid of the ugly ass bubble body style. Amazingly this is the best rustang i have ever seen. Plus it has the same performance as a Mach 1, which isn't bad for such a bulky car. The only problem is delears will jack the prices up sky high. Base price is 25k for a GT expect to pay atleast 30k. Avaiable September 2004.
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    Nope. The 05 Stang GT will remain the same price, I guarantee it.
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    MSRP might be close, but don't look for any rebates or dealer haggling like you can get for the '04s.

    By the way, I raced 4 turboed 4 bangers (2 civics, a focus and an celica) and let them all see my tail pipes of the Mach. Takes more than a turbo on a r!cemachine to beat my muscle...
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    He ran a 14.0, he must not be very good at it, they can do 13.4's, im not saying your facts are wrong, but the Mach will and can run faster.
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    I'll say this once again. The Camaro is faster then the Mach 1, I know that the specs say that the cars are dead even as far as performance but I know first hand that the F-body is faster, I race here in germany every month and heres our web site . I dont want to hear that "He wasnt a good driver" stuff, If you saw the video you would know that the camaro without a doubt is faster. It must be tough to know that the 2002 camaro is still faster then todays mustang but I do think the Mach is way better looking then my car.
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    I know an LS1 will beat a mach 1, but a 14.0 for tha mach 1 and a 13.6 for a camaro, those aren't good 1/4 mile times to represent what they can so, they can both go significantly fsater.
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    Yes,i no that an ls1 is faster than a mach 1, but 14.0 for the mach 1 and 13.6 for the camarp, those are both not a good representation to what the cars can do.
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    The track here sucks, we use a shutdown runway from the airforce over here. 1/4 mile isnt very popular in germany so we use what we can. You cant get any traction here, the elevation is high so that doesnt help and your running on a slight incline down the track. The managers of the track say that you should plan on running three tenths of a sencond slower a least compared to a real track. On a real track that Mach 1 would probably run a 13.7 or 13.6 and god willing I'd run a 13.3 or 13.2.
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    Faster than the GTO.

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