Mach 7 Falcon

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by RLQ, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. I have to admit I just took a mach 7 shit.
  2. How'd it come out so fast? Is not like its a high pressure nozzle
  3. what a terrible looking car.
  4. Too much fiber?

    edit: feet up the ass.
  5. Too many dildos
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  8. Ate big bad burrito that had been sitting in room temperature for two weeks maybe.
  9. The interior looks nice too.
  10. I just saw that 'Austin' over on posted these photoshopped images of the Mach7. It's amazing what a good set of wheels does to this car, what a HUGE improvement! A set of HRE P40's, Vossen's and a set of ADV1's
  11. love the outside........a lot.
    hate the dash....a lot. its too busy.

    i dont wanna search through their whole thread, did anyone see an estimated price?
  12. looks fantastic
  13. I'm starting to like this more.
  14. those rims look perfect...
  15. $200,000 USD.
  16. Those wheels make it look better. That rear view w/ the Viper has a bit of 80s Ferrari about it. Not bad. It will fade away like all the other Corvette kits, I'm afraid.
  17. lol no one will pay $200k for some gross Corvette kit car
  18. highly #$%#ing doubt this
  19. Yeah, I see some cues from a Ferrari 288GTO and F355 there, amazing design. Too bad the front is hideous.
  20. when i saw the thumbnails i was like, omg nice 360 challenge stradale.
  22. Oh that forum.
  23. I see alot of the new Lotus styling in the front. It's a 2012 Elan on steroids. But I love Lotus, so I think it looks good.
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    The car just keeps looking better!! Jeff is really stepping up his game on this car and I am truly impressed. I got to see the engine, and it is just breathtaking.

    Check it out here:


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