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  1. How about an engineer who programs PIDs for a living? I'd say theres nothing useful about that...
  2. Not every engineering degree is worth something. :p
  3. I hate Sled Driver.
  5. Put it this way - to do it properly, with finite element analysis takes a computer hours to do given a field of inputs. My undergrad was pretty theoretical - we had to derrive a lot of these equations ourselves...and it SUCKED.
  6. Good luck with accounting...
  7. It's not like when you're majoring finance the only thing you will learn is finance and nothing else (economically-wise). In my university I get to do micro and macroeconomics, management, industrial management, marketing, econometrics, statistics, if I want I can have lessons of marxist economics etc
  8. Finite element analysis should never have to be done by hand; it is truly miserable. We had a theoretical course where they wanted us to do it manually, they even wanted us to construct a MatLab program to solve a complex sequence of trusses. So I promptly didn't give a shit about that course and instead did Applied Finite Element Analysis the next term, where you used ANSYS on the computer to work everything out instead, and passed with flying colours. Best program I've used though was for another more design-based course, which was a development of ANSYS called ANSYS Workbench. Awesome program.
  9. This thread has turned into a huge circle jerk for OMG ENGINEERZ.
  10. Thanks, i've always been good with numbers so this seems like a good move.
  11. It's been our kind of evening, what with this, String Theory, 10 dimensions and Michelle Marsh's seemingly impossible breasts to discuss.
  12. lol try again
  13. You can be pretty well paid for doing that...and electrical, mechanical, electromechanical, or a computer science major could get that kind of job after college.
  14. Haha, i just had a project due on ANSYS. I'm sure its great, but it would probably frustrate me to no end until I understood it completely. We had to pretty much figure out how to use it on our own, with just the tutorials and stuff to go on. Pain in the ass.
  15. Honestly dude... best poast evar.
  16. I'm majoring in finance and to my knowledge we don't touch a whole lot on day trading, though I'm only a sophmore and thus not in upper-level classes. If you plan to go into day trading as an amateur, just be warned. You can make plenty of money off of it, but it's incredibly risky to time the market like that, and furthermore requires the ability to rapidly digest large amounts of information in a short time as well as stay "plugged in" for pretty much the whole time that the market is open. It's extremely difficult if not impossible to do it when you have school, another job, etc.
    The school I am at has a pretty wide-ranging requirement list of business courses outside of finance to meet (courses in micro and macro econ, statistics, accounting, information systems, marketing, management theory, etc) as well as enough finance courses so that you can take various tracks depending on the career that you're interested in.

    An no, finance is not a useless major. Most people in this world don't know two craps about money and need institutions, professionals, etc. managing it for them.
  17. You're among the most retarded members we have. Congrats!
  18. He's pretty much wrong about everything.
  19. Sled Driver is pretty much synonymous with wrong.
  20. In Canada, a properly done finance major can lead to a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) straight out of universtiy. It is an excellent major for someone intending to work in the banks, or markets or insurance industries

    I dont know where your from, but yeh, it is definately an excellent study to take.

    One thing though, is that it ususally requires an intermediate accounnting course, which are always extremely hard. Intermediate accounting looks at things like warrenties, return policies, accounting for specialty firms that dont fit the traditional model (banks, mines, insurance, etc). At my school, ACC414 which was intermediate accounting had a 25% pass rate. Half would drop, and half would fail, every semester. It was used as an elimination technique.
  21. Doesnt. NYU does. I wanna do a double major of english and finance. nyu would be gould for that, galleton.
  22. Good advice. And I know you dont need a degree to day trade
  23. For a kid who made a thread about how useless high school is, you certainly seem to have great expectations for yourself.
  24. It is useless. But that doesnt mean it doesnt mean anything, im one of the best students in my grade.

    i guarantee you I could drop out of school right now. Get merely a GED, and be richer and more succesful earlier than the people who were in my class when I dropped out.
  25. The only way you're getting rich with just a GED is through some serious connections, winning the lottery, or starting a business and being really good/lucky. Out of those, you'd have the best chance with #2.

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