make fun of memebers with ms paint

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 944turb0, May 26, 2007.

  2. I wish I had a pad, that would be hype.
  4. Where is this?
  5. did you do me?
  6. fishes did, neither of us had any good ideas. I can only do memembers who are easy to make fun of.
  7. wait I have an idea for scott. I dont' ahve the picture I need, but I'll try this anyway.
  8. Oh word dude, that's of me drinkin that growler. But somehow in the past, when I had the chinstrap beard and pierced ears. But I suppose you may not know that I constantly change my appearance.
  9. What are you running from?
  10. hey #%$got,
  11. That's awful, but I'm impressed at my sloth drawing ability, without looking at any picture.
  12. winner.
  14. Hhahahahahaahahaaaaaahhaha

  15. bring on the 28 hours jokes.
  16. what's with the House Party flat top?
  17. Firered is too easy, don't waste time on her, well done on others. Just have to post a cow, pig or hippo for good 'ol FR.
  18. Someone do me or something.
  19. hahah so si'm dudrk alaright, but this shathread is funny!

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