Malania Trump LOL

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  1. Gets accolades on a great speech. Takes credit claiming she largely wrote the thing herself with only a little help.

    Turns out at least part of it was plagiarized, and from the First Lady no less.

    So, she's either a liar or a plagiarizer.

    What kind of idiot does something like this and thinks they will get away with it? I mean that takes a special kind of stupid.

    MALANIA! My bad on the title.
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  2. I'd pitbau
  3. because michelle obama has class? Please stop your stupidity
  4. The Trumps seem to think so.

    "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." - Charles Caleb Colton
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  5. I don't get American politics.

    Why does the wife of a president matter?
  6. Trump has proven time and time again that he can get away with just about anything he says.

    He could probably quote an Obama speech word for word and still be lauded by his supporters.
  7. You're assuming that the slut is literate?
  8. Malaria Trump
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  9. She actually does, you racist dolt.
  10. LMAO I just had to see if that was real

    God, we're so fucked.
  11. To be fair, Obama blatantly plagiarized Deval Patrick and the media was silent.
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    To be fair, Obama didn't steal the line. Patrck and Obama are friends and Patrick gave him the idea to convey a message.

    If Malania and Michelle were drinking tea and bouncing ideas off each other for the speech, different story. But somehow that seems very unlikely.

    And then there's that thing with the Trump camp still trying to maintain those were Malania's own words.
  13. She is probably more literate than you.
  14. Did you just assume her gender?
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  15. Maybe, she does appear to be female, and a far more manly / less racist character than you.
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  16. Mmmm manly females

    And yes, I have been shouting white power on this site quite a lot, haven't I
  17. What are you on about with this "white power" stuff? She had never touted white power, at least not in public.

    BTW people with white power mentality tends to use n-word constantly, and you are the only member in this forum that shares this trait.
  18. No she hasn't. I was talking about myself.

    And you're absolutely right:

    Nigger nigger nigger nigger White Power!
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  19. Lol f50fanatic is completely oblivious
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  20. Make USA Great Again
  21. you know I thought so too
    but hes a trump supporter so you know he thinks things through
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  22. And being a hillary supporter makes of someone a knowitall, right???

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