Malaysian Airlines flight missing.

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  1. The plane was hijacked and they were all taken to a terrorist training ground in northern Pakistan. The plane will be reused to attack a target.
  2. Aircraft lost contact. Some government thought it was hijacked and shot it down. Wont admit it.

    Case closed
  3. Too soon. You have no heart.
  4. ugh I made this joke on the 1st page nigga please
  5. Im hearing something along the same lines. The media here seems to be thinking the same thing, intimating this without accusations, followed by talk of governments spinning stories. Not connected of course.
  6. this doesn't explain things. if this were the case and it was just shot down by a missile there would be huge field of debris somewhere along the flight path

    and it isn't like there is just one government looking for the plane and pretending they can't find it. there are hundreds of ships, planes, helicopters etc. from tons of different countries all searching.
  7. Why on earth would anyone decide that shooting down a hijacked plane is a good idea? Literally makes no sense.

    "There's how many innocent people on board?"
    "Okay blow it up. I'LL BE #$%#ED IF WE LET THE TERRORISTS WIN!!!"
  8. 11/9
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    The engine manufacturer is claiming that they stopped getting reports before the plane lost all contact. It was also reported that they stopped get reports WHEN they lost all contact*. So much conflicting info floating around out there.

    edit: This was in a CNN article I read this morning, but I reread the article and I don't see it anymore.
  10. The journalists need to fact check before spewing the latest sensational shit out. I hear on the radio on the way to work the engines were on for four more hours, I get to work and it says thats not true. I feel bad for the families with all these false reports. It's also causing issues with the search effots.

  11. One thing I haven't even seen yet - where did the figure of four hours come from?
  12. Lol you just described every journalist at every major media conglomerate. Don't pay attention to the news maybe? I'd rather not have information sold to me at a price, or have its integrity compromised because it needs to be sold in the first place.
  13. Since news became a 24-hour cycle, everyone is rushing to break the news before everyone else and they don't give many shits about the accuracy of the information. "we're just telling you what we heard and time will sort out the relevance".
  14. I'll watch the documentary next year and be an expert and fill all you blokes in
  15. this is an unreadable cluster #$%# now.

    if terrorists are behind this, they are winning.

  16. No way to verify, but some interweb speculations were saying that Chinese media were reporting that the the plane experienced malfunction and tried to return to land. they had no communications systems and could not warn of problems and Malaysian military make shoot of it.
  17. If this is a Teaser for the new Godzilla movie, I'm going to slow clap forever.

  18. I can't see a country shooting down such a huge bundle of humans
    that'd be WW3 worthy

    and Malaysia is so small so victory would be fast and costless
  19. Just stating the facts. This just seems like more of a cluster #$%# then most stories.

  20. if it was shot down by Malaysians, I would have spun that whole terrorist thing already.

    you can't delay any PR with something like that.

  21. I wonder what terrorist group will take blame so we can free the shit out of them.
  22. Its gotten worse since traditional outlets have started to compete against Reddit and Twitter.
  23. This sentence makes me want to punch my whole face off.
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  25. I hate those lists
    So much
    There are whole sites built around them

    Stangmans (olds) post them here and on Facebook and forward them

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