Malaysian Airlines flight missing.

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  3. The denial of the report that the plane continued for four more hours came from the same Malaysian official who denied the existence of the radar blip on military radar over the Straight of Malacca that appeared well after the civilian transponder's last transmission -- and then later admitted that it was indeed accurate. The search area has apparently expanded to include parts of the Indian Ocean which would indicate that they believe the plane did indeed continue on...
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  7. Soviet America.
  8. Officials have concluded that it was hijacked by an experienced aviator, flown off course, and flown in a manner designed to avoid radar detection (was taken above the 777's approved altitude limit and then below its standard cruising altitude). They know communications were deliberately turned off because two different systems stopped communicating 12 minutes apart from each other, which would be extremely unlikely in the event of a catastrophe.

    We might only ever find this plane unintentionally.

    If you ask me we are down to two logical scenarios - pilot suicide or hijacking by terrorists who plan to reuse the plane. Hijacking for any other purposes doesn't seem to make sense, because demands would have been made by now, and we know it wasn't an accident. I guess one other scenario would be that it crashed at some point after being hijacked due to accident or pilot error, but that seems very unlikely.

    Edit: on second thought, it's still reasonably likely that the maneuver was caused by plane malfunction / human error. But four hours more in the air and not being able to land?!
  9. China's gonna push someone's shit in.
  10. I think it has to be pilot suicide, but a particularly nasty pilot, who not only decided to kill himself and the other passengers, but also decided to try and make sure their bodies where never found. He turned off the telemetry and the transponder, and used pre established navigational markers on his new flight plan. Only a pilot would know how to do all of this. A couple of things I don't get though. Reports on twitter suggest Malaysian authorities are searching the pilots home at the moment.

    1. It is now suggested the plane was in the air for another 7 hours based of pings the engines sent out. 7km, surely some passengers would realise they were flying too long and too far, and flying in the complete wrong direction?

    2. Why did none of the passengers attempt to communicate on their phones in anyway? Unless both pilots where working together, the other pilot would have to be locked out of the cockpit, or incapacitated in the cockpit. If the pilot was locked out of the cockpit, he would be in the passenger cabin. The plane, based off the flight plans published, flew over land in Malaysia, and mobile phones would most likely work, regardless of whether the Satcom system was turned off.

    3. The plane according to radar traces went up to 45,000ft (way above the operational envelope) and at one point dived 40,000ft in 1 minute. Radar is not particularly reliable at ascertaining altitude apparently, but If a plane was dropping at anything like that rate, surely the passengers would be on their phones straight away, unless they were all incapacitated. That rate of decent is pretty much a vertical zoom, and you have to wonder if a plane as big as a 777 could pull out of that in 5000ft, but according to the same reports, it then ascended to 23,000ft and continued on its new course.
  11. I've read that the crazy altitude drop was a bad measurement because the plane could not have even fallen out of the sky that fast.
  12. I've just realised why he went to 45,000ft. The plane only has about 15 minutes oxygen supply when the masks pop down, he went to that altitude to kill the passengers. Sick #$%#. That is the death zone, the pilot turned off ACARS, turned off the transponder, vented the cabin atmosphere, then flew up to an altitude that was not survivable. That means no resistance, no one to stop him. He had his own oxygen supply onboard. This was meticulously planned, he was avoiding radar on purpose, either the dude was a crazy megalomaniac who wanted to be remembered in a notorious way, or he had an end game. I wonder if there was something in the hold that was incredibly valuable, and he was part of a larger scheme, or maybe those 20 defence contractors are valuable to someone (presuming he had help and they survived).

    I think its likely though, that there is no grand scheme, and the dude was crazy.
  13. Don't the Uighurs live within the boundaries of the new search area?
  14. Well twitter is abuzz with the plane having landed near the Chinese/Tajik border, which is where they are from. Aparently this is the Malaysian governments belief. The US government believes the plane crashed in the Indian Ocean 2000km west of Perth. Seems a little more plausible.
  15. The difference in useful consciousness at 35,000 feet versus 45,000 feet is only about 15-30 seconds. If you're already waiting 15+ minutes for the O2 to run out, then it makes no real difference if you're at 35k or 45k, and it certainly isn't worth the added flight danger. Reports also make it sound like it only spent a very brief period of time at fl450. More likely the result of a struggle, or to confuse civilian radar.
  16. Isn't 45,000ft in or near 'the death zone' though?
  17. The death zone begins at 8,000 meters by most definitions. So yes, 45k feet is in the death zone, but so is 35k. Of course, you can survive for several hours above 8,000 meters with good acclimatization. The death zone is a mountaineering term, and really doesn't define anything meaningful for this conversation, as we're talking about altitudes well above the tallest mountains, and survival times well below what would be found at 26k feet.
  18. So they are just as dead at 35,000ft as they are at 45,000ft? Guess my wildly speculative post was somewhat out of place then.
  19. "Guess my wildly speculative post was somewhat out of place then."

    story of the past week of news coverage
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  22. So lets say range was 2000kms from lost contact based on fuel. Is it plausible that the plane glided even further for another hour or whatever and landed?
  23. No
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