Man Beheaded on Bus To Winnipeg

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Lambo Man, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. I'm sure you would have.
  2. Jeezus would have. He finishes things.
  3. I sure would like to think I wouldn't run off the bus like a little #%!@.
  4. even that dude who was in the army said he booked because nobody was going to help him take down the gook
  5. What exactly would you say is the chances of someone surviving multiple stab wounds to the neck, in the middle of nowhere an hour from the nearest hospital? The man was in the back of the back, and most people were asleep - nobody would notice until a stab or two into it. Would you risk your life to protect what amounts to a stranger's body? I don't know about you, but if I were looking down on this from Heaven I wouldn't really want to see someone getting cut up over a now-unoccupied sack of meat.

    Kudos to anyone with the balls for it is one thing, but questioning people who didn't is over the top.
  6. Rambo knife lol
  7. Have you ever heard of the bystander effect? It's a fairly extensively well document psychological phenomenon.

    Or are you just talking out of your buttocks?
  8. Well, mob mentality comes into a bit too. Just remember united 93, one starts to plan a stand, they all do, one person screams and runs, they all do. I just am a person of the point of view I would rather lose my life trying to save one, than to live with the thought of not trying at all.
  9. Going to face a guy with a hunting knife in close quarters with your bare hands, eh? Good luck.
  10. So no one on this thread was man enough to try to stop stewacide from posting repeatedly ...someone should behead him?
  12. That would be difficult, since stews head is so far up his own ass.
  13. Hemistage agrees.
  14. you can't even get your racial epithets right. just #$%#ing kill yourself already.
  15. Shut the #$%# up Shtew, you are really adding nothing useful to the conversation.You are just showing how much you are a #$%#ing moron.
  16. no really.
    when is this ban going to happen?
  18. Excellent post.
  19. Get real man; you're chillin on the bus and then outta nowhere you see blood flying everywhere as someone is getting stabbed in the neck with a huge knife. Of course your first reaction is to confront this man.
  20. viets are the mexicans of asia
  21. I blame the influx of americans into canada. I don't know if there's an influx of americans into canada, but that's what I'm blaming, Yes.
  22. "threw her toddler forward several rows to get the child away from danger"

  23. Lol @ no asians in canada. We're like china 2.

    You're a funny guy.
  24. Lol, totally. Nah, i don't carry it. Just use it at home. And play with it.
  25. Quebec must still be pure or something, or they don't have any. Either way, its a national phenomena.

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