Man Builds R8

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by Panicroom, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. He #$%#ed up the rear.
  2. Looks damn good.
  3. Good for him
  4. lol, why?
  5. and the wheel size
  6. For being built by one guy, I'd say it looks pretty damn close.
  8. for a fwd front engine car, it looks very similar, minus some differences.
  9. I couldn't tell if it drove by. pretty good.
  10. hahahah
  11. That side profile looks painfull.
  12. srsly. It's what would make it so easy to know it is fake.
  13. Also, this is #$%#ing dumb. If you're going to make a replica you might as well just go above and beyond and make a lambo or something.
  14. Ah shit, your giving Spyder ideas.
  15. Beleive it or not someone actually made that front & rear bumper as a body kit for the Cougar but I didn't think anyone had actually picked it up. It was also made in Germany where the Cougar was a pretty popular car.
  16. that looks much better
  17. All the criticisms aside, you gotta consider all that effort and skill in making that replica. Kudos to him.
  18. Popular by what means? I can't really think of worse selling Fords from that era by heart.
  19. That perception comes from the later 2 years of production. The car was only produced from 1999 - 2002. Back in 1998 it was in all the magazines and even on the cover of Sport Compact Car announcing a new era in American FWD sport compacts. The excitement was it was really the first FWD American coupe built on a modern (Mondeo) platform with good suspension, tight chassis, and modern engines DOHC Duratec V6.

    In 1999 it was faster in 0-60, 1/4 mile, and on most road courses than the 240SX, Integra GS-R, Celica, & GTi. Only the Integra GS-R could beat it in 0-60, but still lost on the top end.

    The car had two major failings.
    1. First gear makes no sense when coupled to the power band of the engine. It's far too short. That's why it tends to excel on a road course and even 1/4 mile, but 0-60 is always garabage.

    2. By 2000 (2001 model year) the above mentioned sport compacts had new trim lines that upped their power to 200hp. Ford had originally promised the Mercury division the 205hp Contour SVT engine for use in the Cougar S but at the last minute backed on leaving Mercury with no option for a more powerful engine. Stuck at 170hp it was still quicker than the RSX but not the RSX Type S which it was now competeting against.

    In 1999 roughly 230,000 Cougars were built at sold. By 2002 the number wasn't even a 1/4 of that. Ford really bumbled the market
  20. Yeah, I only asked because they're not quite common sights over here. They didn't only mess up the share they had with sports cars, but also the larger saloons here with their rather awkward Ford Scorpio. Barely see those anymore too nowadays.

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