Mandela died

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  1. That's all I know.
  2. should've died a long time ago.

    terrorist scumbag that he was.
  3. rip paul walker
  4. about time
  5. i was at the mall one time, and there was this fat black woman walking her kid in a stroller. the kid had a doll, and she threw it out of the stroller onto the ground. i guess this wasnt the first time that day, so the fat mother said "thats it, she dead, your doll dead" and continued walking.
  6. #$%#ing lol'd
  7. Complications from a recurring lung infection.
  8. Also known as an Obama drone strike.
  9. There used to be this black guy at my job that worked as a cleaner.

    He used to wear this shirt that had a picture of what was supposed to be Nelson Mandela but it was actually Morgan Freeman. One of those low quality airbrushed things that people buy at the corner of 5th street and Murder Ave.

    He also believed that black people flew to earth in pyramids from outerspace.
  10. can you prove that black people didn't fly to earth in pyramids from outer space?
  11. Nelson Mendela was a good man, hope his soul finds peace. Big Rob may i speak to you in the "Meat in Breakfast" thread, i don't want this thread to go off topic.
  12. send me more PM's to ignore
  13. I was only trying to help. I was trying to help you since you had depression. Lets talk about your depression.

    What are the underling issues.

    Do you feel depressed because you dont have a job? And clever robot does? So you don't feel like a man.

    Clever robot is studing law and you're uneducated?

    BigRob, In life to sucedd you have to make an effort. Im only posting this to help you. I wanted to post this in private but it seems you wanted me to post here
  14. I shall take leave now, as i shall enjoy culinary delights. However i must say that i shall be back.
  15. let us know if it was carrot cake
  16. A group of intergalactic homosexual black men came from the planet Anus and discovered the presence of female creatures on planet Earth. Using rayguns, they proceed to eliminate females one by one from Earth, eliciting gratitude from the previously oppressed male population. Before leaving the planet, they left behind a "Gay Ambassador" to educate the Earthlings about their new way of life.
  17. most excellent
  18. Hes awesome for killing them white people.
  19. the funniest shit is when a forum like ours tries to honor someone.

    this is exactly what Mandela would have wanted.
  20. +1
  21. RIP morgan freeman
  22. No less than 3 people posted pictures of Morgan Freeman on my FB feed. I have dumb friends.
  23. Now the bleeks are gonna start an uprising and kell all the wheets
    is it
  24. Lol, agreed. This thread basically explains everything about

    Anyways, RIP to a great individual.

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