Mandela died

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  1. but yeah i like how everybody forgets that he murdered people in the process.
  2. I took a look on my Facebook feed and I realize that there were more mentionings of Paul Walker on his death day than there have been of Mandela.
  3. im disappointed in the modern human race in the 21st century
  4. mine is full of inspirational meme things ...

    have some paul walker stuff from people in a more shallow intelectual pool
  5. i have a relative on the american side of the family, who attends a paul walker tribute event.

  6. i am falling
  7. i had more mandela than walker stuff
  8. Not a bad approximation of a South African accent, actually.
  9. ah mr amgrulz, what are you doing here? Should you not be doing your manual labour job on the rig?
  10. No.
  11. Why not? Since you are an uneducated labourer, you must perform manual labour.

    I shall take leave now, as i must visit a bank in Zurich, to check the supply of Gold Bullion.

    You may discuss this or any other complex matter further.
  12. why did paul walker kill people i thought he was nice
  13. So you're the type of person who would bend over and let your oppressors #$%# you in the ass?

    If I were someone living under one of the most brutal and oppressive regimes in history I would definitely not be taking it lying down like a pussy.

    By the same token you should be calling the members of the French resistance against the Nazis worthless terrorists - and they didn't have it half as bad as what black South Africans did.
  14. nothing wrong with the cause he fought for. apartheid was a terrible thing. but killing innocent civilians in the process, that's never a good thing. he aint a saint, anc is just as racist as the apartheid regime was. In fact, before mandela took control, the country was one of the most promising countries in the world. look at south africa's a shithole where white people are unsure of their lives.

    the man had some good sides, he fought for the right cause, but he also had some bad sides, just like any other freedom fighter
  15. Sometimes you have to crack a few eggs
  16. I agree, he’s a freedom fighter like Timothy McVeigh.

    The federal government kills woman and children at Waco and Ruby Ridge.

    Timothy McVeigh kills women and children at a federal building.
  17. yeah, surprising...
  18. Indeed
  19. He was a communist terrorist as much as his party the ANC which is a communist party, personally, he always left me indifferent
  20. lol this forum is #$%#ing hilarious.

    +1 everyone. even to those who aren't being sarcastic.

    dur, what was Nelson Mandela doing riding shot gun in a Carrera GT?
  21. lol this forum is #$%#ing hilarious.

    +1 everyone. even to those who aren't being sarcastic.

    dur, what was Nelson Mandela doing riding shot gun in a Carrera GT?
  22. Communism? I thought economic disparity was one of the biggest problems South Africa faces.

    Feel free to not respond to this, as usual.
  23. Just look at how much criminality there is in South Africa and see the rivalry there is between the different tribes and you are going to pass this as economic disparity? Interesting.Even the whites there are discriminated. These tribes conflicts are not new.
  24. hey Robert, I notice that you got called out by some moron on Facebook re: that car accident in Chicago.

    lul. looks like the stupid dead guy has a stupid alive friend who loves wife beaters and 1/4lb Cheeseburgers
  25. But what does that have to do with communism? Do you ever think about what you post or just copy/paste from Conservative Lady?

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