Maps show segregation in the US

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  1. That's very pretty. I'm sure similar issues exist in a lot of other countries.
  2. Ever notice how much more Europeans comment on America than the other way around? Because Americans don't give a #$%# what's going on in little brother Europe.
  3. seems about right in terms of the cities that have issues tend to be more segregated than others.
  4. Some cities/neighborhoods were and still are absolute shit holes to begin with
  5. I've noticed that the densest blue (white) areas are orthodox Jews.
  6. Americans never comment on Europe?

    What island have you been living on during the last 50 years?
  7. This is quite true. Also many of them don't know Europe exists.
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  9. thats americans don't really know that there is life outside america.
  10. Australia
  11. Interesting point. Any Americans reading... say I'm a black guy wanting to move into a mostly Jew area... will there be any official resistance to me doing so? Or will it just annoy the locals?
  12. Excellent
  13. I'd assume nobody who isn't an orthodox Jew can move in. Not officially at first, but they probably have a strong influence in whatever town/county they're at because they're a voting bloc.
  14. Hahahaha
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  16. Yeah you noticed South Williamsburg is the whitest part of the city, even whiter than any part of Staten Island.

    The hasidics own all the properties in the area. They will only rent/sell to their own in that area. They also own a good chunk of properties all around Brooklyn and they'll rent to anyone with good history. Property management is kind of their specialty.
  17. That and a few large villages upstate New York where they can avoid the big city temptations.
  18. there's a big blank space in baltimore where all the hispanics live
  19. Some of this is wildly inaccurate. I found the Omaha image in google maps because I was struck by how dense and segregated those tiny little asian blocks are. The one at the top middle seems to indicate that there are about a hundred asians living in that little cluster. But on the maps, it's two apartment buildings and a handful of houses. And apparently there are several black people living inside the school just north of that?
  20. There exists this breed of people in Yurops who are quite eager to make negative comments about other (major) countries, not just the USA. A common denominator usually is that they have never been in said country, nor have they even had a proper discussion with a person from said country. Also they tend to be some sort of leftist-anarchist-commie hipsters. Bloody infuriating bunch; as easy to have a rational debate with as some sort of religious bigots.

    Murica has way less this, (a notable exception being Bill O'Reilly & co.) they have different kinds of idiocy.

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