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    The 2000 Mantis' shape dates back to the 1964 Marcos. Did I hear someone say 'It's a Viper copy'?

    Marcos was founded in 1959 by Jem Marsh and the late Frank Costin. Marcos is a formation of their surnames; 'Mar' and 'Cos'. Additionally, it was Mike Costin (Frank's brother) and Keith Duckworth who formed Cosworth.

    Frank Costin also attempted to market his own cars. 1970 saw the launch of the Costin Amigo, an unusual-looking car that featured a wooden-ply monocoque chassis and glass fibre body panels. It used the mechanicals of the contemporary Vauxhall VX4/90 (a saloon car), including its 96bhp, 1975cc OHC engine. Most amazing thing was that while the Amigo lacked massive power, its body had great aerodynamics, allowing a top speed of 137mph. Problem was, the car was £3000 in 1970, and only eight were built before a lack of business made Costin pull the plug.

    The introduction of VAT in 1973 saw off many other small time car specialists in the UK. It happened to Marcos (first of nine lives…), but they resurfaced in 1984 with the Mantula, a car which also bears a family resemblance to the 2000 Marcos.

    In my opinion, the Mantaray isn't the most attractive Marcos of recent years, but it does continue the familar look that originates back to 1964 (I know, I know, Marcos ripped off the Viper...ha, ha).

    The Mantaray has gone on to become the Marcasite TS250, introduced in 2003 and powered by Ford’s 2.5 litre V6, tuned to 180bhp. This car spearheads the company’s 21st century revival, along with big brother, the TS500 (Ford 4.6 litre V8, 320bhp) and the flagship TSO (GM 5.7 V8, optional 400bhp in R/T spec).

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