Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale

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  1. 2 people and 2 small kids. That's it. The Maserati is a proper 4-seater.
    The Maserati sounds totally different. It has a deep growl where the California has a sportier and more agressive sound. The engines are actually very different.

    That said the California is a better drive compared to the normal GT S (Obviously I have not driven the MC S). It's much faster, much more agile, handles better and has a better stability control system. It's just a different experience.

    No the California is not ugly. It nice but the GranTurismo is the best looking production car in the world at the moment....
  2. lol
  3. Stab my epiglotis repeatedly please
  4. Looks great, loving this car more n more everyday.
  5. hmmm i think i rather have the gran turismo s
  6. Oh yes, it is! Worse looking Ferrari in decades! Maybe only Mondial could look worse...
  7. Agreed, I like that it's a higher performance version of the GranTurismo, and it probably sounds amazing, those big side intakes kind of ruin the lines of the front though. It doesn't look as classy.
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    Watch the video and you'll find out about the sound:
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    So angry!
  10. Very sexy
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  12. Making it on the configurator in matte black/grey with black wheels.

    Could be Darth Vader's car.
  13. Did the same, the lines look so much better when those new vents in the front aren't as obvious.
  14. would still rather have the s. the front is just bleh.
  15. damn its a dream in dark blue

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