Maserati MC12

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  3. love this one
    apparently, in the UK a black one often comes out to play alnog with jay kay's black enzo

    must be one mean pair
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  5. Wow, the wheels on both are mega-fail.

    The Enzo is many times better looking than the MC12.
  6. Who the hell is Koji Aoyama? what does he do?
  7. I didn't know my dick could barf that much.
  8. *MC12 Corsa
  9. He is that japanese #%$ with way to narrow pants and loads of ferraris. but i don't know who he got all his money.
  10. how much is maserati?
  11. Can anyone explain me the origin of those black "Corsa"? Are they MC12 Corsa converted to the road, MC12 'Versione Corsa' (that model with 800hp...) legalized or just modded normal MC12s?
  12. As far as I know, yes. All the MC12s produced were supposed to be blue and white. No exception. But if Maserati actually built more than the 25 originally thaught and painted them differently, that I don't know...
  13. Actually the press photos show the blue and silver road cars
  14. Holy sh*t! You're completely right! As they were at the botom of the picture, I never noticed it! But in fact, with a closer look, you can see that. My mistake, then!
  15. Looks great with extra blue
  16. I'm always completly right <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/cool.gif"></A>
  17. Ok ok... Then what can you tell me about those road-legal MC12 Corse? Special orders, MC12 conversions, racing MC12 Corse converted or those 800hp MC12 "Versione Corsa" converted?

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