Maserati vs. Porsche 911

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    Maserati vs. Porsche 911

    I would chose maserati over porsche any day. I saw iniviata driving along the road in his maserati and i was like what car is that. Then i saw the name and i was like WHOA! The point i am putting here is that if you had a ferrari or porsche parked in a parking lot, it is easily known as a very nice car. This would make ppeople jealous anbd probably key your car and you would be driving in a not so nice ferrari. But if you had a Maserati it is not as noticable so people don't realize it much. Maserati has the looks but Porshe has the handling and brakes. Porsche may have those but the horse power on the Maserati is higher. Maserati also has the looks.

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    Maserati vs. Porsche 911

    Like comparing apples and oranges...
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    its not a fair comparison. maybe if you were an old rich man it might be. but the 911 is much better than the Coupe. the Maserati does 177mp/h the 911 does 189mp/h and 0-60 in 4.4 seconds. and it looks so much better.
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    the porsche would whoop this. But i'd be happy with either one of um, they're both sweet machines.
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    I read this thread and was amused by some of the comments. I wonder if many people posting had ever driven or even extensively seen the cars they are commenting on.

    In reference to the Porshe 911 vs the Maserati coupe...both are clearly good cars but each has it strength. First of all some facts:

    1. The standard 911 is not faster than the coupe at 0-60. However when driving the 911 it has pretty good pickup at the start whereas the Maserati engine likes the RPMs up there so you see a lot of its acceleration after 3000 rpms or so.

    2. I can't honestly believe that anyone would feel the Porsche interior is luxurious. I think anyone from Porsche would love to hear that comment because Porsche interiors are stark at best with little frills and leather that is hardly supple. The Maserati however has a luxurious interior surrounding the driver in leather...even the roof liner is leather. Porsche's simplicity and relative starkness however adds to the sportiness as that is simply what the car is/was designed for.

    When I recently purchased a car, I drove both cars. I chose the Maserati because it had 4 usable seats and I have a little baby, the Maserati engine has a note that just sang to me, and the interior appointments were much more comfortable. Furthermore the Maserati is much more uncommon on the road than the Porsche, which should probably not be the main factor in deciding which automobile is one's favorite. The center console in the maserati is a little cumbersome with an interface that takes some geting used to (kind of like the BMW i drive). I also found it just a little more fun to drive.

    I almost bought the Porsche ( and my friend did) because it still holds the road better, has a combination of performance and durability (Porsche's generally have very few mechanical problems), and personally I think it would handle a track probably better than the Maserati...which I hope to put to the test later on. The Porsche also gets better gas mileage and repair costs will probably be more reasonable.

    Both cars have beautiful fit and finish and I believe both cars to have a strong aesthetic impact. One could argue forever about which car is best and not come to a conclusion.

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