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  1. The fifth Maserati Weekend took place on a special route. The scenery was enchanting and the event a voyage through time. The event, which took place on 24-25 March, was a unique experience with an itinerary that took in four symbolic ports. Each of these was an opening that revealed the magic and timeless atmosphere of the area.

    The Amalfi coast with its sun and relaxed Mediterranean glamour was the backdrop to this intense and exclusive occasion, one that allowed the places along the route to be 'lived' rather than visited. In the splendid setting of Sorrento clients were offered a test drive of the exclusive Nuova Quattroporte Automatica. Breathtaking scenery could be enjoyed along the route as the clients sampled the new ZF automatic transmission. The test drive on the road began on the panoramic 'Nastro Verde' heading towards Sant’Agata, passing the Belvedere dei due Golfi en route. This is the only point in which it is possible to admire the Gulf of Napoli and the Gulf of Salerno at the same time.

    The gala dinner on Saturday took place in the heart of the Pompei archaeological site. The setting was the monumental Palestra Grande, specially illuminated for the event. The exclusive site of Pompei is a special one as it is only used for events of global significance.

    The “Grand Tour of the Amalfi Coast” was held was held the following day, on a 50 kilometre route that snaked between Sorrento and Ravello, via Positano and Amalfi. The route was a tough test for the drivers as well as being visually stunning. The route was designed for regularity races, testing the quality and precision of the drivers. The novelty this year was the Prova Speciale, held during a stage of the regularity race, and professionally managed along a stretch of the famous 'Nastro Verde' that winds it way out of Sorrento.

    The road was specially closed for the occasion. It was a test of maximum precision to maintain the average that the driver had decided and communicated to the organisers beforehand, choosing the average speed to which they would get closest to in, this depending on the car's capacity: tourist (slow), developed (medium), sporty (fast) while keeping the crews' safety at the core.

    The exciting event concluded with Dino Dini crowning a perfect race to win in the Maserati Coupé Cambiocorsa (final penalty 11.67 seconds). A tight duel for second and third between Onofrio Barberio in the Maserati Coupé Cambiocorsa (final penalty 13.47 seconds) and Michele Arrigo in a Spyder Cambiocorsa with a final penalty of 13.81 seconds.

    During the race the participants had the chance to compete in the "Look of the Weekend” which evoked the liberal lifestyle, full of fascination and Mediterranean inspiration in which Maserati finds a natural home. Mr Felice Ravasio and his family deservedly claimed the 'Contemporary Yacht Club' competition. Their GranSport appeared at the start line transformed for the occasion into a tender for transporting 'Yachting Club Trident' members. The character and charm of the Amalfi coast was the ideal stage for a style contest dedicated to timeless savoir vivre. (
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