Massive power.

Discussion in '1992 Nissan NP35' started by Nissan, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Wow this car surely has power. Vevy very nice.
    Although it is about 10 years old it is still very cool.

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    I didn't know this car , but i'm gonna like it !!
  3. Re: Massive power.

    Yeah... this is a nice race car. Good power output as well. Too bad they don't have all the performance figures.<!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah, this car is sweet, does anyone know where i can get an official Lemans site (In English) which will show all the cars/manufacturers that compete in Le Mans?
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    i bet it would sound like an absolute beast, not to mention pull,accelerate,and handle like something really good at all those things, lol
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