Mastretta MXT production sportscar

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  1. The Mexican Elise. Now that Lotus decided to make theirs fatter.
    This car weighs in at 880kg/1936 pounds dry and curb weight of 930 kg/2046 pounds. I think the styling is better also.

  2. hmmm not a fan really.
  3. well you could always look further down in South America
    Brazil makes a pretty good elise competitor
    Lobini H1
  4. It's like a Smart Roadster had sex with 1995
  5. looks ok last time i read, the fit and finish was really bad.
  6. well its Mexico. Im kind of impressed they were able to build it without somebody burning down the factory.
    But then again, my car was made down there too and its great quality.
  7. Looks like a mexican Spirra.
  8. well its a really small manufacturer. It cant be expected to be built like a rock or anything. Rough edges and poorly finished material is commonplace in startup cottage car industries.
  9. by the way, Mastretta has actually been around for quite some time
  10. the interior is really bad imo. the elise is like a lexus compared to it
  11. Is it powered by cocaine?
  12. a mexican car with poor fit and finish? never!
  13. This isn't Boliva or Columbia. Mexico's cash crop is is pot.
  14. looks too bland...
  15. Better than anything made in USA.
  16. Chevy Mlolntana
  17. Very nice looking little car, apart from the back. What's the engine?
  18. This was out at Denso's company picnic today. Looks nice, but still has a few small fit and finish issues to work out, specifically you could see for ruffling in the carbon fiber weave. It had a 2.0L I4 engine which was turbo charged making 250 hp.
  19. designed by hotwheels? looks like even more of a toy!
  20. No.
  22. It looks like shit. id rather drive my Fiero GT than be caught driving this.
  23. man for a first try mexicants can

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