Matte black Koenigsegg Agera

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  2. It looks so sinister in all black, absolutely stunning.
  3. In before Raging Testicles.

    Wait.....never mind.
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    Haha at this being one of the top related videos
  6. Matte colours are just awful on anything.
  7. matte white looks pretty good actually

    matte black is kinda played out
  8. for example
  9. Matte black was cool for about a year.
  10. It really magnifies the panel gaps.
  11. it hard to clean, specially the black.
    i painted the roof of my FJ matte black and i regret it till today.
  12. i like matte anything
  13. Matte paint on a car tends to look like they haven't started the painting process. Those white cars look like they've just sanded the resin smooth.
  14. hot
  15. so what
    looks good
  16. That wing just kills the car for me. Looks too ricy.
  17. matte dobson
  18. Lol
    This guy

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