Max P-71

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Wheelman, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. Buy a light rack and pull people over
  2. Buy a light rack and pull people over
  3. That's a good way to rack up a criminal record, and have your car impounded.
  4. weak sauce

    3.55 trak-lok
  5. weak sauce

    3.55 trak-lok
  6. Because I was serious
  7. I wasn't necessarily being serious either. I didn't even judge your post.
  8. your hairy shins detract from that photo.
  9. Shit, eh? Yours must launch like a bat out of hell. Trac-lock is for pussies though.
  10. .
  11. YOU'RE not fast [email protected]#$

    It's actually plenty fast.
  12. haha, yah
  13. Post some more pics of your Interceptor, dude.
  14. BTW the pics are HUUUUGGEEE!
  15. Police interceptors are cool untill everyone around you starts slowing down. Thats annoying shit.
  16. oh and your looking at 4+ hours worth of cleaning, washing, and waxing.
  17. Is that a for sale sign on the back of your car?
  18. And to get your wheels and tires this clean and shiney wheelman, use a brush to wash them then use motor oil to shine them.
  19. this has been installed for a while but i just don't know where I can upload quicktime movies (imagestation will not accept qt format).

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