Max P-71

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Wheelman, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. There are ignorant people in America? Get out of town!
  2. I swear! I'm not gonna lie to you! It's the truth!
  3. totalled
  4. Aww that's harsh. How'd it happen?

    Got any pics from before it got wrecked?
  5. A work van blew the stop sign coming out of a side street and stopped in the middle of the road. I tried to turn into the side street but there was snow on the ground. . . and the pic explains the rest.

    oh and no pics dude, sorry. But I still have one of the axles and the grill.
  6. I bent the axle hitting a curb sideways
  7. you can see where the stickers spelling police backwards were.
  8. Avoiding hitting someone who brakes a traffic law is stupid. Speeking from personal experience, if you hit the guy, there is far less chance of you getting screwed when he leaves the scene.
  9. He stayed at the scene and I was ruled not at fault, plus there were three other witnesses in my car.
  10. In Ontario, passengers in a car that is involved in an accident are classed as 'immaterial' as they may be biased, so that wouldn't have helped you here.
  11. Snow generally is cold
  12. Thanks, arse.
  13. That's a sweet ride you got there, sir.
  14. Avoiding accidents, believe it or not, is actually a good thing. If you were going to hit every person that broke a traffic law, chances are you wouldn't live very long.
  15. And the van pulled out when I was only about 2 carlengths away.
  16. Where are thoses pics???
  17. There is also a far less chance of your living.
  18. Soon soon! I'm always busy during the day.

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