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Discussion in '2002 Ford GT40 Concept' started by Lethal AutoThority, Nov 2, 2002.

  1. The owner of Safir GT40 Spares Ltd. of Cincinnati. is refusing to sell the Ford Motor Company rights to the GT40 name, which is owned by Safir. Im sure you are wondering, as did I, how Ford could conceivably have lost control of the GT40 name in the first place. Lawyers, which Ford has in quantity, could tell you that, but I doubt that they could answer the question, "Why?" In any event, Ford lost it.

    As it stands right now, its the Ford GT.

    Safir's lawyers had offered the GT40 name to Ford for $40 million. Ford was unwilling to negotiate and wouldn't make an offer. You have gotta must give them credit for naming a price attuned to the item he has to sell (40 and 40, get it?)

    Ford wouldnt even so much as discuss a $40 million price tag for the GT40 name. If we assume that Ford will build as many as 5,000 Ford GTs, which it probably won't, the lawyers opening shot would have cost $8,000 per unit. They should have asked for maybe $500 per car-which would amount to $2.5 million-and would at least have gotten a reply. But $40 million?


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