Mayweather vs. McGregor

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  1. Coming up on Saturday/Sunday/right smack in between them (depending where you are in the world).

    I'm afraid I won't be able to watch it. Starts at like 4am on a work night.

    Boxing is Mayweather's turf, and he's been the best at it for years, but is also 40 years old and hasn't fought in a while. McGregor seems overconfident, but is young and really tough.

    Both come off as total douchbags off the ring.

    Who do you think will win?
  2. Mayweather is a legit woman beating douchebag.
    McGregor is a showman. Apparently a super nice guy in reality.
    So I root for McGregor.
    Mayweather clearly has the advantage. However it is absolutely possible for McGregor to knock him out. IF he can catch him.

    Basically if McGregor doesn't knock him out within 6 rounds the fight is Mayweathers.
  3. This is a complete shit show. It's going to be In Mayweather's house. Full MMA bout would have been better. But McG won't be able to use any if that in the ring. Sure he is an athlete. But, Mayweather's life has been nothing but boxing and a lot of it. And the whole never been defeated thing. I'll wait for the highlight reel.
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  4. McGregor will be lucky to land a single solid punch. Mayweather takes a decision.
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  5. This is likely true.

    But where mcgregor has an advantage is that he can easily eat mayweathers punches and close distance. And if he does and can land with his left he does have a remote chance of knocking mayweather out.
    McGregor is used to big elbowed, kneed and kicked in the head. And is significantly bigger than may weather physically.
    His absolute biggest challenge is going to be catching mayweather and not gassing out.
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  6. The equivalent of a WWE match
  8. I guarantee that if it was an MMA itd be over in less than one round
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  9. I agree generally, the everything hinges on if McG can get a couple of good shots in. One is all he needs if it's good enough. But I have a tough time seeing how gassing out would be the issue for the MMA guy in this matchup
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  10. I don't think McGregor's stamina is at question, and certainly not his power or toughness. I think what's being overlooked recently is just exactly the quality of opponent he is facing. He is about to fight a man who is basically on the short list of Ali and himself, as far as accomplishments, dominance, and just pure greatness is considered.

    Sure many fighters have been more powerful, more exciting, or more fearsome. Manny was so much more entertaining and visceral, Tyson was feared by all, Jones Jr had freak athletic ability seen maybe never before or again, Julio Cesar Chavez was a warrior who would never relent until utter defeat. But Mayweather took his skills, mated it with the rules of boxing, and became just unbeatable. The funny thing is, if I were a boxer, I would much rather fight Mayweather than a Pacquiao or Canelo, or Hearns, or Sugar Ray Leonard. Those latter guys would beat you and they would punish you and take your health while doing it. But the truth of the matter is that Mayweather would (and in two cases, already has) beat them all - in my opinion - prime for prime. He's beaten every body he's ever fought.

    So when someone says all Connor has to do is close the gap, this isn't closing the gap on an average boxer, let alone even an 'average' world champion. Nobody has figured out how to do this in 49 fights. The majority of those men were world champions who trained only for the sport of boxing for their entire professional careers. Closing that gap with Floyd is met with counter-straights, check-hooks, and slick movement to render you off balance and out of position to attack. Every single punch you through will be parried or countered. Connor is a tough son of a gun, and Floyd generally doesn't have (or at least display) one punch KO power that many other men the same weight might, but 12 rounds of the game Floyd plays is just a different world than the 5 furious minutes that McGregor is accustomed to dominating. Sure Floyd has been rocked before (Mosely), bloodied (Cotto), and even bullied (Maidana). Certainly every man is just one well-timed concussive blow from being unable to beat the referee's ten-count, but if there is one person who has the tools and the experience to avoid that possibility, it's Mayweather.

    McGregor is a man making his pro debut against a man who is about to break Rocky Marciano's legendary undefeated record in the sport. This is Connor's first Super Bowl. The lights will be brighter than he's used to; his adrenaline is going to be dripping through his pores. His breathing is going to be rapid. Any of you who've fought before know how much just a few minutes of excitement can drain your soul. This man is making his pro debut, in the Super Bowl, against basically Tom Brady. The guy goes to the Super Bowl every single year. The lights are normal, the hype is expected. Every single fight Floyd has fought the past 15 years has been for the world championship title. You'll see it from the first bell. Floyd Looks bored when being attacked. This is his job and he's just out there to win again like he has every other time.

    If Connor wins, it will be because he rushed Floyd so wildly and unconventionally that he powered through Mayweather's guard and changed history with one or two of the luckiest fists he's ever thrown. This will have to be in the first 3 rounds at most. If Connor decides to box, and tries to win on boxing skill, he will get embarrassed. He will be dragged out into deep waters and bloodied with jabs, straight rights, and counters until the ref decides we've all seen enough.

    I guess finally this can all be said with the caveat that Floyd Mayweather indeed isn't 25 years old any more. He's a 40 year old man in a sport that is arguably the least forgiving to father time. McGregor is younger, bigger, stronger. Floyd has fought that opponent many times over, but this is why they fight the fights.

    And yes, if fought in an octagon, Floyd Mayweather would be snapped, folded and disemboweled 7 ways till Sunday.

    The point of them doing this is that both men will be stupidly paid come Sunday morning. Connor will happily cash that check with both eyes swollen shut and sail off back to Ireland as one of the wealthiest men in the land. Floyd will continue to be a child and all around slimy individual, and they'll both say "Thank you very much, sucker" to myself and the rest of the millions of people who decided to hand them a hard-earned hundred-dollar bill for 30 minutes of entertainment.

    But anyways the real fight that actually means anything to the sport of boxing is September 16th. Golovkin vs Alvarez. Golovkin by TKO. Thank you for taking the time to read my bullshit rant that means literally nothing and it's going to be hilarious when Connor knocks Mayweather out so that I can come back and see how pwn3d I am.
  11. Although with the betting odds so stacked against McG would it be shocking if Floyd threw it after putting a million on McG?
  12. Yes. 50-0 merch will make more money than any gambling winnings.

  13. In betting odds mayweather is the underdog right now. Everybody has bet on McGregor winning on the hopes of the big payout assuming everybody was going to bet on Mayweather. At this moment it's actually going to payout less if McGregor wins.

    WCW- I agree on most points except for thinking McGregor is going to be overwhelmed by the big stage of the fight. He is one guy that doesn't seem to affect at all. He is a UFC champ. And has fought in the biggest UFC box office fights ever. I don't the he will be feeling that stress much. Ye's maybe a little more than usual. But not enough to really cause an issue.

    I really do think the fight is about an 80-20 in favor of Floyd.
    But I also believe that if anybody i's capable of pulling off this stunt it's McGregor.
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  14. Steve Austin in the 4th round with a steel chair KO
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  15. I don't think McGregor knows that ring. Him KOing Mayweather is highly unlikely, so I'm predicting a unanimous decision for Mayweather, possibly taking every round.
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  16. If anyone believes this is more than a get rich quick scheme.... you're crazy. And holy shit, this place changed a lot in the last 18 years.
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  17. What was your old username?

    There's like, 20 of us left or something. Stick around!

    EDIT: Marcus? wild guess
  18. Mayweather will bob, weave, shoulder roll, hold, and counter punch for 12 rounds and win a UD. It will be boring and everyone not a superfan of boxing will be pissed. Mayweather will make a gajillion dollars and not give a ****.

    edit: so we censor **** now. Does **** still work?
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  20. Yeah... I think I got a bit too much momentum typing that in the middle of the night haha. He no doubt has been in the limelight and a big night certainly won't be alien to him. I just think it will be a different type of energy, but then again also for Floyd as well. This is probably his biggest fight, even though it doesn't mean much to the actual sport as his past bouts. That adds to chaos and energy I think. This feels a bit Tyson/Lewis to me. Everyone who is anyone will be shoulder to shoulder waiting to see it live. That city is gonna be crazy tomorrow night.
  21. Totally get what you are saying.
    And yes it's going to be insane!
    I will be watching for sure.
  22. Thanks WCW I'm now using this tonight to sound knowledgeable with sport freaks .
  23. Also can I get the URL for a 1080p / 60hz stream? thx
  24. I feel like the only person in the world who has no interest in this at all.
  25. Why not? Two extremely fit sweaty men smacking each other around........

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