Mayweather vs. McGregor

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  1. Boxing/MMA has never interested me tbh. I can appreciate the technique and stuff, but fighting in general isn't my thing.

    MMA partcularly, as it just strikes me as barbaric.
  2. Didn't watch, but sounds like Floyd came to bang. I'm surprised. Let Conor get gassed out in the first few rounds then went to work.
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  3. What a great night with amazing energy. Connor is a champ. He stepped out of his craft and really impressed me. He gassed almost quicker than I had anticipated though. I kept thinking he was peppering his light punches in preparation for some power shots, but he just never let them go. Don't know if he threw a meaningful punch after the 3rd round.

    Selfish me wishes the ref waited until a legitimate knockdown, but Connor was effectively out on his feet. I'm happy with the quick stoppage now that my adrenaline has subsided.
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  4. McGregor did better than i expected, but maybe because i thought hed wait longer before ramping up and actually make it to the end. He got 4 rounds for his effort, but it was likely why he lost.
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  5. Didn't really watched the fight, but skimmed through it on YouTube.
    Looks like it was properly entertaining. McGregor didn't humiliate himself. But in the end, boxing is thought to be the most intense-on-the-body professional sport, and Mayweather is an expert. McGregor didn't have the stamina. Funny how you can hear him say "I'm dead" after the fight ended. Also, you can totally see how he's dying to go MMA on Mayweather during the first few rounds.
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  6. that's how you see it
  7. The contract should have been if Coolio wins then he has to fight CarrotTop
    In the octogone
  8. McGregor landed 30 more punches than Pacqiauo vs. Mayweather. Pretty god damn impressed for his first ever pro boxing match against the arguably greatest boxer of all time.
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  9. How many did they throw?

    Also, Floyd not doing his typical shoulder roll tells me he never really respected McGregor's ability to land powerful shots.

  10. [​IMG]
  11. He didn't until McGregor caught him with that uppercut. Then Mayweather started turning around to avoid shots and temping McGregor into doing something "illegal"
  12. found the fight surprisingly entertaining

    it was cool to see mayweather on the offensive, really quick hands when hes throwing big punches and being aggro
    mcgregor did great. theyre both happy to have raised hundreds of millions of dollars for each other
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  13. Every MMA fight I've ever seen has basically been a struggle cuddle. Shite spectator sport.

    Boxing is usually shit to watch too but tbf in this one they actually threw punches at each other instead of pawing each others gloves and hugging every five seconds.

    Just wish the ref had allowed it to go on until McGregor got his unbearable gypsy head knocked off.
  14. did anyone else think(hope) he was going to go all Pikey on him and jump off the ropes with a big left to floyds face

  15. I was absolutely waiting for him to start throwing bombs.
    The ref stoppage was absolutely too quick. Though not necessarily a bad call. But when pro boxers are saying it was a fast stoppage it was probably a fast stoppage.
    He wasn't out on his feet. He was exhausted. There is a big difference.
    I have fought in the ring. Trained Muay Thai for 15 years. I know that pure exhaustion feeling very well. But even when you are exhausted, if you are still swinging and defending yourself a ref has no right to stop the fight.

    That all said, I highly doubt McGregor would have been able to do anything to win the fight beyond that point. But as someone who's been in the ring, I absolute hate seeing a fight stopped like that.
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