MAZ to build avtobus for "Black" African market

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  1. Not sure which countries they exactly mean by that, but I'm guessing it should be around Congo and whatnot, I don't even know with which countries Belarus has strong ties after all.

    Anyway, basic specs of the MAZ 131.020:
    - Based on the MAZ 5336 truck (late 80's truck that looks like it's from the early 70's)
    - 11.5 meters long, of which 4.2 meters is rear overhang
    - YaMZ-236BE2 250 hp engine with Chinese Fast Gear gearbox
    - Staircase on the rear leading to roof rack, which should be able to hold 3 tonnes of weight
    - 43 to 65 seats

    Myeah, end of filler
  2. 'Ring time?
  3. 2 weeks 1day 16 hours 42min and 31.12seconds
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  4. That overhang. Please update us with pictures of that thing tilting, dropping people into a river because they thought sitting on the roof would be a good idea.
  5. Politically Belarus seems to be closest with South Africa and Nigeria, dunno about ecnomic relations though. Lol @ Chinese gear box though.
  6. It's for tailwhipping water buffalos out of the way I think
  7. To find out just where black entrepreneurs and business owners are thriving
  8. Compton
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  9. 43 to 65 seats

    100 to 150 standing

    on the roof
  10. nice!
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  11. Nice:)
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