Mazda 3 (edit: a new mazda 6? last post)

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  1. Mazda 3

    they don't call it the "Family Bargain Bucker Mazda3" for nothing
  2. Mazda 3

    I would imagine. Just figured it might be worth a look.
  3. Mazda 3

    astra's are anything but decent. #$%# they're opels ffs.
  4. Mazda 3

    I would take a Civic over a 3 just because of the civ's interior alone
  5. Mazda 3

    thats for mentioning this, i wish there was more custom options for the 2door or a 5 door option. but i think this one is about as good of a deal as the Mazda 3.
  6. Mazda 3

    i didnt even thing of the astra. good call.
  7. Mazda 3

    This generation of Astra is a very decent car, inside and out it looks good and i know from experience (learnt in one) that it's decent to drive aswell.
  8. Mazda 3

    i have yet to drive one, but the stuff you get for under $20k looks to be amazing. now there arnt a lot of options which is disapointing to me, but i got everything i selected in the rabit/mazda except a sun roof and it came out a few thousand less than the 3, and about 1 thousand less than the rabit.

    the rabit was a 4 door (as its the only one with the options i wanted)

    on top of that the astra has heated seats and a style i like more than the other two.

    of course ive yet to drive the rabbit or the astra, so i cant say anythign there, but right now im lookign very closely at the astra/3... but still am tempted by the rabbit, i'd say i'll just have to drive all three of them.
  9. Mazda 3

    The 3 and the Civic are the only cars in that class I'd consider. My dad was looking for something smaller and drove both along with a fair few other cars. He went for the Civic (was priced/specced so much better here than anything else)..

    If I had to choose between the two of them for myself, I think the only real deciding factor would be price.
  10. Mazda 3

    Wow the MPS (or w/e) is actually pretty fast.
  11. Mazda 3

    Ide say the SS since its the only "fast" one , and I am bias.
  12. Mazda 3

    well if we can get a car that is good on gas and has what we want now for a lowish price, then it will be a car that we wont care to upgrade from for some time, maybe 10 years or so. but if its a really basic model that has a loud cabin and shitty stereo and none of the options we like (like heated seats considering we live in the north) then over a couple years when we are making more money we will want to upgrade to something else, however that isnt exactly economically efficient.

    i think i'd be really happy with the

    Astra's heated seats/Sound system/Styling/fuel economy, power, Great safty features equipped.

    unhappy with the slightly smaller size inside (well it looks smaller) and probably wont feel as nice on the road from what ive heard. lack of real power.

    with the Mazda 3 i will like
    The Styling, Great/Bright Headlights, Nice interior.

    Wont like the lower Fuel economy, higher price with options i want, which lacks some that i really want like Heated Seats.


    liked the power it has, most practical, cost less than the 3.
    Dislike- kind of boring to look at, only get the options i want in 4 door model, cost more than the astra, but offers nothing more that i want.

    its all about fuel economy/price/attractive (astra) Vs. Overall Quality/Inerior/handling(Mazda 3) Vs. Practicality/Brute power (rabbit)

    i guess i'll just have to try all three one day, then see what i like the feel of best, then compare the goods and bads and which hits me best
  13. Mazda 3

    There's a new Mazda 3 coming soon, right?
  14. Mazda 3

    this is what im afraid of, if there is i'll get one right after release, there are few cars on the market that i think are this good of a deal.

    the rabbit is still up in the air, the only real problem with it is teh website is garbage for telling you what you get with certain packages. i'd like to know if its even possible to get heated seats in the 2 door, or whatever...

    with the Mazda 3 and to a lesser extent the astra, i knew exactly what i would be getting when i built it. and both had far more options, that shockingly didnt raise the price more than a $5000 from a pretty basic base model.

    showed the girlfriend the 3 cars and we built one of each, the 3 was actually the most expensive, but had a few better options that we liked. the astra lacked one or two things that we wanted, but didnt really desire, and cost about $2k less, but the interior looks horrible in the pictures we saw, with huge amounds of shiny faux alluminium. the rabbit just didnt tell us enough about what we built, it was basically "do you want 2 doors, yes. do you want it too look sportier? no. What color? green. Do you want an ipod holder? no. ok your done! uhhhhh....

    so all three are still up in the air but we are both looking most seriously at the $20k grand touring Mazda 3 s hatchback. things like Xeon headlights/Leather seats/Fog lamps/keyless entry/fuel economey really pushed us for this one. we will be picking it up this fall, unless the announce a new version for next year or something, then we will probably play the waiting game.
  15. Mazda 3

    So it looks like the new Mazda 3 should be coming out about a year from now, with a show car making the rounds starting in September. this actually makes me very happy, it will likely have more for the same price, i just hope it doesnt grow in size, its size is one of the things that we (my girl and i) are most attracted to. we'd also expect better fuel econemy than the current model as well. this is actually a release that i am truly the most excited about now.
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  18. Mazda 3

    For sale in early 09 I'm hearing.
  19. Mazda 3

    if this is the case i'll probably be getting one (well i will probably get one anyway) if it is a good improvment then its just going to be an unbeatable deal.

    im hoping the same amount of power, and slightly better gas mileage vs. more power same gas mileage.

  20. Mazda 3

  21. Mazda 3

  22. Mazda 3

    Rumors are it'll be styled similarly to the new 6, which is kinda a love it or hate it design. Also, expect the MZR engine to be enlarged from 2.3 to 2.5 liters. And when the 1st 3 came out, it was the class leader in interior amenities and quality. It's since been overtaken by some cars, but I'd expect the interior of the new car to again be great.
  23. Mazda 3

    I agree. I have a Mazda3 sp2.3 special edition, and its got everything... It is for sale. so if you wanna pick it up.

    MAZDA3 SP2.3, Factory 2.3-liter 160-horsepower MZR engine.
    Factory Navigation, Heated Leather Seats, SONY iPod direct & Factory BOSE, Sunroof, Tinted, Zenon Headlights, Super clean & well maintained.
  24. Mazda 3

    Nice wheels man! Here's mine 3S 5 Door. I'm gonna be ordering a white 2008.5 Speed3 soon though.
  25. Mazda 3

    I just wish that they made a AWD version of it.
    I don't know why they wouldn't, then they would have a car for WRC. How rad would that be.

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