Mazda Furai Video & 154 Pics!

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    Mazda Furai Video

    Here's a video of the Mazda Furai at Laguna Seca. Boy to I miss the sound of that engine! It's louder than any car I've ever heard!

    But they answered the question I had of ingress/egress as the ex-LMP chassis the car uses requires you to stand on the seat and then drop into the chassis, but this is a car with a roof and doors, so how would that work? But as expected it looks like an extremely tight fit getting in and out.
  2. Mazda Furai Video

    sounds sexcellent.
  3. Amazing, I love Mazda's designer, he rocks
  4. This is by far the coolest car that will be at NAIAS.
  5. you have to pay for the photos??!
  6. I REALLY like this pic a lot. It looks to be a photoshop, but it it looks to be what we might be able to expect from the 2010 LMP1 EVOs, and it's a Mazda and it's got Michelins, and it's sitting on track at Le Sarthe (albeit facing in the wrong direction, but still), I think I like where this is heading!
  7. Yes, that's not an uncommon thing. That's not the Mazda Media Site, it's a pro trying to make a living.
  8. Where are the taillights on this thing? God its so sexy.
  9. I think the 2 Japanese characters on either side of the air supply hook up light up.
  10. There's so many small details on this car, I'm gonna be staring at it forever at NAIAS. Luckily for me, the girl goin with me also likes cars and is a big photography nut, so she'll be as blown away by it as I will.
  11. This car is fricken sick!
  12. GOD I love the sound of peripheral ports...
  13. #$%# the sound it makes is delicious. What a sweet car.
  14. OH my god. It sounds awesome.
  15. ****


    The supercar world needed something batshit awesome like this.
  16. that is fUcking amazing.
    I love Mazda.
  17. Sounds as awesome as a 787b.
  18. I've heard that engine in person at full song going 175mph when the car was in this form. It's the loudest car I've ever heard (and I've been to modern F1 races)! It literally hurt your ears every time it passed! I miss that rotary in the ALMS, even though it was SOOO uncompetitive.
  19. This is one of if not the most impressive car designs in a very, very long time.
  20. HOLY SHIT!

    The sound is orgasmic
  21. design masterpiece. Make it street viable, sell it.
  22. Does anyone own Mazda?

    Would it conflict if making a road version? Kinda like the VW Nardo concept would have competed with the Lambos since they are owned by VW... or was it the Audi R8?
  23. ugly car, but the sound is cool.
  24. Dude, it's pretty much a design masterpiece.
  25. Also, someone here with a lot of money (who's the bastard that drove P996T away?!) please pay for a handful of big images and send them around.


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