Mazda Furai Video & 154 Pics!

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  2. FANBOI!
  3. *Realist...
  4. damnit, I meant to quote other post...
  5. 1. They are not half the weight, in fact they tend to be heavier
    2. They are not more economical.
    3. They are not more reliable.

    It is very hard to compete with the billions and billions of dollars that have been invested in the piston engine.
  6. LOL at pic.
  7. Well Mazda made them work good in 1991 with the 787B at Le Mans. The car was economical and reliable. I guess this is why the FIA was very quick in baning the wankel engine from international motor racing.
  8. As much as I LOVE Mazda, and LOVE their 1991 Le Mans win, the 787B only won because all of the top cars retired. And yes, that surely is a part of endurance racing, and it doesn't discredit them in the least, but that car was nowhere near as impressive a race car as that win as made it appear.

    And for your information, Le Mans is sanctioned by the ACO, not the FIA.
  9. Mazda very early in the race the winning 787b was in third place with the other 787b in second place. True that the mercedes has gearbox problem, but in endurance racing, reliability is more important than speed. Both 787b were able to finish the race on in first and the other in sixth.

    I meant the ACO, not the FIA. I got distracted and wrote the wrong organization.
  10. So beautiful. Reminds me in a way of the McLaren F1. I think this would look incredible without a rear wing.
  11. I like it better with the wing.
  12. god i love this car
  13. So utterly cool. And what a sound! BTW, someone need to post some 787B pics just to make us all feel better :p
  14. the bodywork of this car is stunning, the 787b was hot too but i read the designer just based it on the 956...
  15. Well the designer of a race car is not supposed to design it to look good, he's supposed to design it to be fast. All of the GTP cars of that era had a very similar look to them because that's what made for a fast race car.
  16. You do know that wankel engines are legal at Le Mans? In fact this thread mentions that Mazda ran a wankel powered car recently to ACO rules.
  17. They're legal now, but they were banned after the 1991 Le Mans win.
  18. I thought it was more about making everyone run a 3.5l V10, than banning rotaries.
  19. Le Mans has never been about making people run spec anything.
  20. In 1991 the FIA changed the rules of the world sports car championship that mandated 3.5l V10s. Bernie Eccelstone wanted this change to bring attention to F1. The ACO then adopted the rules, since manufactures did not want to build two different cars. It was less rotaries being banned, than everything but 3.5l V10s being banned.
  21. It does appear that you're correct. Those must have been dark days at Le Mans.
  22. finally someone's found some non-copyrighted pictures! i'm really having a hard time deciding which one to look at first... not to mention which is going to be my wallpaper
  23. i'm so glad someone finally found a bunch of non-copyrighted pics! i'm having a really hard time trying to pick which one to put as my wallpaper... they're all so good. this car is absolutely stunning. i wonder why they decided against the front lip spoiler from the show pictures? it's there in the show pics but not the track pics and i wonder why they took it off (i like it better without though)
  24. Maybe it wasn't ready yet when they had the test, or maybe it scrapes on the ground when you're going a certain speed due to the downforce it creates.

    I definitely think it looks better with it on.

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