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Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by FerrariKing, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. apparently in the future year or 2 mazda will be bringing out 2 more rotary cars... not including the new rx7 which people have speculated to.....

    apparently one is the 2nd gen rx8... and one i heard was to be a convertible... apparently the MX-5 (miata) just might get a rotary engine in it...

    has anyone heard this?
  2. Mazda has denied time and time again the Miata will ever get a rotary and year after year, design after design and concept after concept, they hold true to that.

    The next gen Miata will only recieve the 2.0L and the 2.3L GDI 4-cylinders.
  3. i dont know that much about rotary engines but

    having like a 1.8L rotary vs 1.8L inline 4... which one saves more gas?
  4. there is no 1.8L rotary... but i presume it would get a 13b rennesis but with only like 130kw. would be quick enough for it. and wouldnt chew too much petrol.

    it is a sports car remember... not a civic
  5. The Inline 4. Rotarys tend to have awful gas miliage.
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  7. i heard that the convertible rotary will be just a convertible rx7.
  8. or rx8?
  9. i seem to remember them not being able to make the rx8 a vert cuz it doesnt have b pillars or shomthing .
  10. R&T's long term RX-8 six speed is averaging 15.9 mpg. That's just beyond terrible. I mean, 15.9mpg and 238bhp?

    i mean, at least it's smooth... but good lord, that's worse than you'd get in something like an M3 (333bhp), new corvette (400bhp), 350Z (287bhp)... although it's better than the 400bhp or 350bhp 5.7L GTO, oddly enough.
  11. Lol, if you ever want a rotary miata, just build one, they are insane!

    car $2000
    Cosmo 3 rotor engine $3000
  12. By Cosmo 3 rotor you mean 20B? Countless people have cited those things go for $18,000 - $20,000 to swap into an RX-7.
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  14. I don't think you need B-pillars for a convertible.
  15. they retail for about 4-5 k here in australia... but concidering you would rebuild it first.. do some porting.. upgrade fuel.. turbos.. ect.. it would be 10k before its running.. thats AUS dollars.. so yeah id expect 20,000 in america!
  16. The Rx-8 platform would be perfect for a convertable since the body is so stiff even without the real b-pillars (although they def' at to the regidity, having an integrated beam). The Rx-8 platform is the foundation for the new Miata after all AFAIK.

    I can see an Rx-7 coupe/convertable being a mix of Rx-8 and Miata bits...
  17. Uhhh the value of the Australian Dollar has not gone up that much.. 10K in AUD is just about 7,600 USD.
  18. and your point being?
  19. You said it would only cost $10K AUD to get it running, while it would take $20K USD to get it running. Your conversion is quite screwed, that is the point.
  20. i wasnt converting... i was saying it would cost 10k here in aus.

    5k if you did it all yourself and kept the engine stock

    in america.. cos 20b's are so rare over there.. it would cost 20k i would think
  21. fitting a 13b to a miata is enough trouble in its-self, if it is possible to fit a 20b into a miata it wouldnt be worth the trouble or the money.

  22. after reading a couple of high performance import magazines at work.. i found 2 mx-5's with 20b's. one was tuned to like 450hp.. and the other was only running like 280hp (stock)
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    i am suprised <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    still not worth the trouble or the money;f=34;t=001674#000000

    here is a link about it from
  24. I agree, who wants to take the trouble in putting a rotary in a Miata? As for that new RX-7, I don't think they'll ever be one for the RX-8 is the replacement.

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